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[Future] Axel Boy – Feels EP

Axel Boy was looking to make an impact with his latest EP, Feels, on Buygore, and it’s safe to say he has. Lots of good things are going on for the Bristol producer who’s shifted his sound, at least for now, away from the heavy bass, while also being added to Arcane Talent Agency and the Buygore catalog. To make the whole situation even more special, Feels was released on his birthday!

Out of the three tracks that make up the EP, two of the tracks have vocals from Axel himself. Things start with “Liberty Flute,” a magical dive into the Axel Boy’s new direction. “Feel Like I Do” comes next with orchestral elements that fade into a fray of lively synth structures. “It’s Been Real” closes out the project with ethereal soundscapes and a hardened future bass sound. Feels is available through several online stores that you can choose from on the Buygore website.

’Axel Boy – Liberty Flute’
’Axel Boy – Feel Iike I Do’
’Axel Boy – Its Been Real’
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