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[Electronic] The Golden Age of Wrestling – Ferrari Rocher

Dipping into Jeff Cancade’s The Golden Age of Wrestling (TGAOW) is akin to stepping inside a time capsule that refuses to settle in any one era. Launched in the final weeks of 2019, TGAOW shatters the often-static facade of ambient music, giving it a face, a voice, and a boisterous personality.

The hit single “Ferrari Rocher” serves as a prime exhibit of this audacity. It starts with a nostalgic chiptune riff, echoing the NES era’s electronic charm. But then, like a twist in a gripping novel, it mutates, exploring sonic territories uncharted, defying the very essence of predictability.

But there’s more to this tale. Albums like Tombstone Piledriver and Crossface Chicken Wing have set the stage, and the forthcoming Scorpion Deathlock promises a richer, deeper foray into Cancade’s “glambient” universe. His music evokes the early days of ambient, yet it’s sprinkled with modernity, resisting pigeonholing at every turn.

To truly grasp the TGAOW experience, one must attend his live acts: a spectacle where past meets future, and visuals meld seamlessly with sound. Bathed in the ethereal glow of fluorescent lamps and swathed in a golden veil, Cancade’s performances are less a concert, more a transcendental journey. Get ready for the ride.

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