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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 147)

Work? That’s nonexistent until Monday comes around. Enough about Monday though, because it’s Friday today. For some students, it’s the first Friday of Summer, or even better (or worse?), the first Friday of post-college life. Congratulations to all those graduates! This week’s party playlist is made especially for you to let loose and get wild. A dozen must-listens from artists like heRobust, Bad Royale, Party Thieves, Fight Clvb and more are present along with a bonus mix from the Chicago producer Phives. One of our mottoes is the more music the merrier, so why not extra? Dig in to the collection and have yourself a safe, but fun weekend. #danceirresponsibly

’Herobust – Skurt Reynolds’
’Bad Royale – Champagne feat. Teflon’
’Lady Parts – Samson (Original Mix)’
’Hasse de Moor – Time Out’
’Kingfisha – Piece of the Puzzle (Crazy Daylight Remix)’
’Party Thieves & Instant Party! – Savages’
Sides Remix)’
’Lean On ( Major Lazer – 8Er$ Edit )’
’LordOf Maximus – Feel Like An Unicorn // FREE DOWNLOAD’
’Bone N Skin – Quantum (10k Freebie)’
’Teqq – Ino (Original Mix)’
’The Only Way Is Up (FIGHT CLVB Remix)’

Bonus Mix:

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[Jungle Terror] FIGHT CLVB & Hilmi feat. Angger Dimas – Frog Mode

FIGHT CLVB & Hilmi feat. Angger Dimas
Frog Mode

Love some jungle beats? So do we. So does Dim Mak, who swooped up an original from FIGHT CLVB. The New York act collaborated with Hilmi and Angger Dimas on an original, “Frog Mode,” that was released for free. Their work is about as wacky as you can get, which makes this song insanely fun to listen to, without even getting to the dancing. Some of these sounds are straight out of left field, or straight from the wilderness, meaning that “Frog Mode” is the result of some cool experimentation in the studio. We love it, and we’re sure you will too, if you like to get a little crazy. I can just see the act’s hypeman Mystereo now, going absolutely bonkers to this one live, with the whole crowd doing just the same.

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