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[Drum & Bass] Fiora – Tornado


Fiora of Los Angeles is one of the most dynamic female artists you are going to find. After studying the classical realm of music via voice and violin, she ventured out into new territories to flex her skills in any way she could imagine. Most recently, her original “Tornado” was released ahead of her upcoming album.

With “Tornado” we get an interesting medley of sounds ranging from her classical background, all the way to drum & bass, which is just where the chorus takes us. Her pop sensibilities are strong, making this track accessible to listeners outside the electronic music scene. “Tornado” is just one of those songs that is good all around. Her debut album is something we look forward to hearing, as it is sure to come with some great records with diverse sounds. Fiora has our attention, and we think she’ll have yours too. Head over to her website for more information around her act, or if you would like to go ahead and pre-order the album. If even half of the songs are as emotive as “Tornado,” it’ll be worth it.

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