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[Future/Dubstep] Florence & The Machine – Spectrum (TYR Remix)

Florence & The Machine
Spectrum (TYR Remix)

There have been a number of Florence & The Machine remixes over the years, but TYR‘s flip of “Spectrum” has to be one of the best out there. The Collxtion collective helped push this remix out for free, and we’re happy they did. TYR goes allout with his creative production that brings some dubstep overtones to the future style. TYR shows off his new production style with this record, which has a lot of people excited because this is unlike much else that is out there. If he continues putting tracks out this good, there’s no telling where TYR will go. Soon enough the remixes will be official, pushed out by majors if he keeps it up. As for now, this Florence & The Machine remix is pure gold, so don’t forget to donwload it before you leave.

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[NEW] Florence + The Machine – Over The Love

Florence + the Machine
Over The Love

Today, we bring you the second single from The Great Gatsby soundtrack, Florence + The Machine‘s “Over The Love,” as witnessed in the most recent trailer for the film. For those of you who may not remember the story from your high school English classes, the song is written from the perspective of Daisy Buchanan (played by Carrey Mulligan in the film), Gatsby’s main source of inspiration and affection. Florence’s boisterous vocals are as powerful as ever here, with the band producing one of its most riveting and gripping melodies to date. If you’re not excited for the movie yet, you should at least be anticipating the Jay-Z produced soundtrack, which will be in stores May 7th, three days before the film hits theaters on May 10th. And if you missed it yesterday, check out the first single, “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” along with the album sampler.

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[Hip-Hop] A$AP Rocky – I Come Apart (Feat. Florence Welch) (Prod. By Emile Haynie & Amanda Ghost)

While most of you have probably already heard the leaked version of Long.Live.A$AP, I’m sure there’s still at least one last song you’ve been eagerly anticipating. That would be this collaboration right here. Although relegated to being a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album, this brand new track boasting the gifted talents of Florence Welch does not fail to impress. “I Come Apart” is unlike anything you’ve heard from A$AP Rocky before. Certainly his most ambitious undertaking to date, the song is all about the unraveling of a relationship at its seams and the repercussions that follow when trying to assemble the pieces back together. The key to this one is finding a balance between the soaring vocals of Florence and the whispering murmurs of Rocky as tries his hand at his best Kid Cudi impression. At times it may sound like A$AP’s heart truly isn’t set in the material, and it shows in his energy through certain portions of the track (that may be possibly due to a lack of experience with its subject matter). However, this one is still worth a listen for the British siren’s vocal prowess alone.

As you must know by now, A$AP Rocky’s debut album Long.Live.A$AP, drops this Tuesday, January 15th. I would be really cool if you checked it out to show your appreciation.

’A$AP Rocky Ft. Florence Welch – I Come Apart’
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[Electronic] Florence Welch ft. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing

“Sweet Nothing” only premiered yesterday on BBC Radio 1, but it’s already making waves around the world. UK favorite Calvin Harris collabs on another catchy tune with Florence Welch (of Florence + The Machine), and the result is such a sweet something.

A funky bassline begins the song, before transitioning back into the area of House/Electro-pop that made Calvin Harris famous, all topped off with Florence’s vocals throughout the track. Not only a song that juxtaposes love against melancholy, a deep want for something from nothing, “Sweet Nothing” is also a song that stays in the moment, a song that reiterates and conveys the needs of going out and dancing to forget your troubles. Harris’ melodies enhance the lyrics by communicating the mixed emotions and nuances that the vocals alone can’t do. This song is going to be all over radios and in clubs, so listen to it here!

’Florence Welch ft. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing’
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