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[Alternative] Swimm – Belly


American Indie-rock duo SWIMM have just released their third single ‘Belly’ from their highly anticipated EP Beverly Hells, expected to be released on August 28th! Having performed at Noisey LA’s “TOO FAR” series on August 11th, it’s easy to understand why they’re becoming increasingly popular, especially along the west-coast. ‘Belly’s’ infectious guitar harmonies pull us closely into their Californian fashion, and along with Chris and Adam’s raspy vocals we’re instantaneously placed amidst the State of white beaches and packed bars.

The liberating guitar instrumental that proceeds the tightly moulded vocal harmony of ‘I’m so tired of running around’, shares a stylistic brilliance with the guitar solo within Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’, as Swimm seem to discretely encourage us to lose ourselves throughout these electrifying moments.

Whilst delving into the musical brilliance of this track, you may have a tendency to pass-by the underlying lyrical meaning. Dedicating each verse to individuals who are terribly important to him, Chris mentions “each of them has had all the potential in the world, but because of addictions of some kind have let and maybe are still letting that potential slip away.” Although this may be perceived as disheartening or sombre, I admire and respect the way ‘Swimm’ have captured and conveyed this lyric so positively through the music!

They will be performing at a large variety of venues over the coming months, including The Echo in LA on September 11th, and London Music Hall in London on November 11th, performing their other late releases, such as ‘All the time’ and ‘Beverly Hells’. Check out their full tour plan here.

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[Hip hop] Dominique Young Unique – “Gangster Whips”

Oh, haven’t you heard? Dominique Young Unique is one of the more promising acts to be making a name for herself this year, having dropped the Glamorous Touch mixtape earlier this year. The relentlessly energetic Tampa hip-hopper just dropped a new mixtape showing off a more matured sound and a certain power play to mainstream success. The Stupid Pretty Mixtape is still full of her signature aggressive dancey style, but with more sophisticated hooks and production.

“Gangster Whips” is one of the strongest on the tape. Dominique Young Unique may be happily walking the line of hip-hop and electronic dance, but apparently the way to her heart is a good old fashioned Coupe Deville.

Dominique Young Unique – “Gangster Whips”

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