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[Folktronica] James Yuill – This Sweet Love


Happy Thanksgiving! I am thinking about my family right now and how I, for the most part, will be spending some quality time with them today. I am not really the kind of person that associates songs for the “soundtrack” of my life but as I was listening to this warm and calm song by James Yuill (photo above), I could not help but mash the song with my imagination. If you watch movies… especially in TV shows, there is always this recurring scene as the show is about to end where a family is interacting over a dinner table as they are muted by a song playing the scene out. Everyone is happy and having a good time. I would definitely pick this song to plays us out.

Even though this post is definitely a more personal one, I think the feelings that the song “This Sweet Love” made me experience is a good enough description for it. A song which coats your heart with a warmth that combined with its positive melodies, protects you, if only for those few seconds, from the many unknowns of life.

James Yuill is an English folktronica musician from London. Just 2 days ago his song This Sweet Love was chosen as the Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week. His songs combine the intimate, emotional roots of folk with the cold, stark production style of modern electronica. -last.fm

James Yuill – This Sweet Love



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