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[Bass] Fox Stevenson – For Fox Sake EP

Fox Stevenson has long been regarded as one bass music’s best. Instead of riding his success out with minimal effort the producer has continued to expand on his impressive catalog with even more great records. His latest is the EP, For Fox Sake, that came out on Disciple. With three originals and a D&B mix of one of the songs, this EP has all the great Fox signatures and a whole lot more.

For Fox Sake may be our favorite release of his to date. Things fire up quickly with “The Heat” and from there it’s tough to not just stick it on repeat. However, once you move to “Miss You” you things get even heavier. The motif continues with “Gunshot Sonata” that builds upon the last track’s weight. Lastly, we’re left with a drum & bass remix of “Miss You” that acts as a nice change of pace for the project. Overall this one is top notch. You’ll want to grab a copy of it for yourself.

’Fox Stevenson – The Heat’
’Fox Stevenson – Miss You’
’Fox Stevenson & Scamp – Gunshot Sonata’
’Fox Stevenson – Miss You (D&B Mix)’
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[Giveaway] Fox Stevenson Offers Up VIP Service At Webster Hall


’Fox Stevenson & Curbi – Hoohah (VIP Edit)’

Webster Hall is one of the top venues in the United States. It would make sense that some of the world’s most creative artists would pass through. This happens all the time, but not always are you going to get the chance to see Feint and Varien open for the headlining Fox Stevenson. These three heavy hitters are taking over New York’s hot stop and they’re offering you the chance to get in free.

More than that, they’re offering to give a fan the chance to experience the show’s VIP service, which will include an artist panel, where you can ask the artists whatever questions your mind can muster, as well as a dinner. If you are buying tickets to the January 15th show, it is good to note that a ticket does not mean VIP; you’ll have to get both to get the full experience. The good thing is, this contest is for both!

Don’t miss out on this grand opportunity. Enter into the giveaway below while you enjoy Fox Stevenson’s “Hoohah” VIP that was released on Spinnin Records if you haven’t clicked play already. For more information surrounding the show, you can find what you need at the ticket page. If you’re more interested in finding out about the VIP service, you can do so at the campaign’s page, which includes some extra goodies. Most importantly, enter the contest!

Fox Stevenson x Webster Hall VIP Service (Contest on Hive.co)

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[Dubstep] Fox Stevenson – Rocket

Fox Stevenson
Rocket [Out Now]

If you aren’t hopping on every Fox Stevenson release, you’re doing it wrong. There are a lot of good producers out there, but this cat is the real deal when it comes to being a well-rounded musician. And he just released a single with Disciple Recordings. Things don’t get much better than this match up.

As a part of the third volume of the label’s Disciple Alliance compilation, “Rocket” was released to the world on September 12th. Fox brings his top-notch song-writing skills to the table in conjunction with his supreme sound design talents. Right from the get-go, you’ll be into this one. There’s no waiting for something. It starts off enticing. It continues to get more and more enticing until you are headbanging like there’s no tomorrow. Some dubstep tracks are a bit harder to dance to, but this one has that groove that you look for in an exceptional dance record. Fox wouldn’t leave you hanging, as his shows are packed with a variety of individuals, from the loyal bassheads to the kandi kids. Give it a listen and head to the digital store of your choice for a copy. You won’t regret it.

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[Music Video] Fox Stevenson – Comeback

Fox Stevenson

Sometimes Spinnin’ Records surprises us with a really top quality record. A few times within the past year, they’ve pushed singles from Fox Stevenson, a bass act that you wouldn’t really expect to have releases with this label. He’s been a fresh act with them, revitalizing their catalog with dope tracks, including his newest one “Comeback.” Besides creating a boisterous glitch production that he also lent his superb voice to, the crew decided to make a music video for the track. Featuring none other than Fox Stevenson himself, the music video follows a couple individuals leading up to one of Fox’s shows. It’s a tasteful visual that is a nice addition to an extremely fun song. Check the video out below and head over to iTunes to grab the extended mix for yourself.

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[House] Zedd – I Want You To Know feat. Selena Gomez (Fox Stevenson Remix)

We want you to know about Fox Stevenson, if you don’t already. The UK producer has for us an official remix of Zedd and Selena Gomez’s single “I Want You To Know” to help hype up Zedd’s album True Colors. Fox jumps around genres when he creates, but here he settles in with house. His own unique style was forged for a futuristic electro sounding jam. Writing strong melodies is something that we can count on Fox Stevenson to do day in and day out, which is why this track isn’t lacking in that department. Just in time for Summer, this crisp flip is going to be a track that us ninjas come back to again and again. Stream it below, exclusively on Youtube.

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