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Francesca Milazzo – Little Boy [TMN Premiere]

Francesca Milazzo
Little Boy

New York City has plenty of hidden gems as far as artists go, especially musical artists. The city is home to Francesca Milazzo who without a doubt falls into that category of special musicians whose art emanates through the cityskape. Today we share with you the premiere of her new single “Little Boy” that comes as her second original work.

“Little Boy” sees Francesca stepping away from the indie dance style that was expressed by her first single “Ghosting Me.” Instead, she goes all acoustic, with her voice leading a charge of organic instruments to show another side to her project. This capacity for dynamic creations will give her an edge that some artists just don’t have. Not only does her creativity reach over genre bounds, but her voice is just stunning. Enjoy the premiere of “Little Boy” today and get ready for more tunes from this lovely lady.

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