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[Breakbeat/House] Stranger – At Night EP

Back in May we got “Shake Dat,” but now the full At Night EP is here. Stranger, whose identity has still remained in the shadows, brings four tracks, two of which are collaborations and two that are solo. Both “Feel Like” and “Shake Dat” were pushed as singles prior to the EP release, but each differ stylistically. The former focuses more on bringing the bass to a four-to-the-floor beat, whereas the next kicks things into the breakbeat grooves. Next come the collaborations with Frank Royal and Sing Sing. “Get It” is a techy haze of sounds that embody the underground, minimal style. Possibly the most funky track, “Yung Seal” closes things out in a wonky manner, reminding us all to have some damn fun! After all, it is dance music. You can grab a free download here.

’Stranger – Feel Like’
’Stranger – Shake Dat’
’Stranger & Frank Royal – Get It’
’Stranger & Sing Sing – Yung Seal’
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