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[NEW] Fyfe – Conversations

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It’s only perfect that Fyfe‘s latest single is titled “Conversations” because that’s exactly what he’s sparked since the very first moment he stepped foot onto the music scene with “Solace.” From a virtual nobody to one of the most revered artists of 2013, Fyfe has endeared himself to listeners with his captivating vocals and brilliant lyrics. As displayed through his artwork, Dixon is aiming for a far more colorful effort here, blending together a myriad of different genres to produce yet another infectious tune. Indeed, the one thing that truly impresses us about Fyfe is his ability to maintain a consistent sound, yet each of his songs stands out clearly for the rest. It’s a true testament to just how talented the man really is. We expect big things from Fyfe going forward, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out last month’s Solace EP, make sure to give it a listen here.

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[Alternative] Fyfe – Lies


As the release date of Fyfe‘s Solace EP steadily approaches, we now have access to three of the project’s four tracks. “Lies” isn’t as immediately impactful as its two predecessors, but it has endearing qualities of its own. Being the most low tempo effort of the trio, “Lies” has a rather airy vibe to it, as Fyfe’s floating vocals gently lift you off of the ground and whisk you away to a distant place. The lyrics aren’t quite as peaceful however, as Fyfe begs his partner to cut the bullshit, crooning out, “Lies won’t live.” If you’ve been following Fyfe’s ascent to this point, there’s no doubt you’re excited for his upcoming Solace EP, dropping April 7th. For the extra eager, pre-orders are already being taken on iTunes.

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[Alternative] Fyfe – St Tropez

Fyfe set the internet ablaze last month when the mysterious young singer released his excellent single, “Solace” with nothing else but a rear headshot. After his unexpected success, the Londoner has finally revealed some more information about himself, identifying himself as 23-year-old Paul Dixon, an artist who previously recorded under the moniker, David Lyre.

“St Tropez” starts out with a rather mellow vibe before a sense of urgency takes over as Fyfe begins to plead “Take me home, it’s not our home here.” As the song shuffles between fleeting orchestral horns and subdued guitar riffs, Fyfe is able to balance out the transitions with his stellar vocals, crafting a stirring yet congruent melody. If I truly had to make a comparison here, I’d probably say it reminds me of both Thom Yorke and Miguel, which really gives you an idea of the range he’s able to display. I’ve heard plenty of other comparisons as well though, and I’m curious to see who he reminds you all of when his debut EP Solace drops  on April 7th.

’Fyfe – St Tropez’
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[Alternative] Fyfe – Solace

It seems these days the more mysterious you are, the more notoriety you receive in the music world. It’s a strange trend given the nature of the social networking frenzy that’s upon us, where we expect our favorite artists to reveal every last detail of their lives through Twitter and Instagram. Maybe that’s what distinguishes artists like Fyfe from the rest of the noise out there. These faceless musicians essentially want to let their music speak for them before any other judgments can be made. Perhaps we could call it The Voice phenomenon, except now we’re the ones sitting comfortably in the fancy swivel chairs.

The young Londoner’s first release is certainly a remarkable one, featuring some melodic, low-key guitar riffs, and breezy, captivating vocals. “Solace” at its core is a song about the downtrodden who feel broken, lost and even trapped, but try to make peace with their situation. Because of that, the song is also on-point lyrically with an infectious and insightful chorus that you’ll have memorized instantly after one listen. With such an impressive debut, Fyfe will certainly have lofty expectations for his upcoming EP, set to drop sometime in March. Stay tuned for more details until then.

’Fyfe – Solace’
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