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Insane Mash Ups: Gangstagrass


If I say “Gangstagrass”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If you break it down you might probably think:

“Gansta” = rap, hip-hop
“Grass” = plants? Weed? Marijuana?

… Wait, could it be… Blue Grass?

If your thinking process was similar to mine that would have been the order to come up with the right answer. The Album Gangstagrass is an incredible mash-up of hip/hop and the classic banjo and mandolin blue grass genre. Although it seems like a collaborative project, as there are many different talented artists involved in the production of the album, it was producer/song writer and hip/hop mash up artist Rench that made this project possible.

Is it over the top?

Each song is unique and explores different elements of both hip/hop and Blue Grass. “Pistol Packin” is a very hood, fast paste, lyrically driven hip/hop as opposed to the song “Pain” which is more down to earth sentimental and acoustic R&B style song, equally as great. As crazy as Ganstagrass sounds, it always seems grounded and genuine.

My favorite one was actually the first song that I heard from them: “Street Soldier” The hip/hop beat and the mandolin in the background go amazingly well together.

The content/lyrics stay more true to hip/hop, as it contains more explicit language than most blue grass songs. If you want to hear something completely fresh and new, Gangstagrass is the place to start. This genre may not be for you but it is worth giving it a try. The album is available for free at http://gangstagrass.com/

gangstagrassGangstagrass – “Pain”


Gangstagrass –”Pistol Packing”
”Pistol Packing”

Gangstagrass – “Street Soldier”
”Street Soldier”

Do you like it? Hate it? Please comment:

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