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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 204)

It seems as though the Summer has been making the weeks fly by. That’s good though, because we’re already at the weekend. On this Friday, as we have done for 203 previous Fridays before, have collected our favorite free downloads for you to rock out to over the next two days. A batch of a dozen party tunes are here in one place for your pleasure. Tracks this week come to us from some of our favorite artists including Venessa Michaels, Luca Lush, Sam F, Kennedy Jones and Ray Volpe. Don’t discount the other producers you find in this bunch, as they churned out some incredibly memorable tracks that might quickly become your go-to party jam. Check out all twelve, download the ones you like and enjoy the weekend. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Venessa Michaels – Like That (feat. Jackson Breit)’
’Tate Tucker – 7/11 (prod. JULiA LEWiS & Invoker)’
’Seek N Destroy – Wrap Stars’
’SAM F – Unstoppable’
Bit Tits – No Man Left Behind’
’Haezer x aUtOdiDakT – Killswitch (aUtOdiDakT VIP)’
’Kennedy Jones Ft. ODK – Vamos Vacilar (Original Mix)’
’GAWTBASS – Playboy’
’Ray Volpe – Bipolar’
’Treeko – Get Money’
’Choppa Dunks – Do Dat Feat. Snappy Jit’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 152)

Friday! Party time with good music and good people. Although we’d love to hang out with you, we can’t but we can supply you with some good tunes. Crack open some bubbly, turn up the speakers and enjoy what we have to offer. Music from Reid Speed, Bad Royale, Zeds Dead, Ray Volpe and more is what you will find in this package of twelve free downloads. Sure you can stream them, or you can download them all and take them with you to your festivities on your own device. Whatever you do, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’A Boy & A Girl + Reid Speed – Lean On Me’
’Bad Royale – Fi Go Squeezy (feat. Timberlee)’
’Fokya (Original Mix)’
’Zeds Dead X Megalodon – Wit Me Dub’
’Elevate ✖ WyzE – Hit The Club’
’8Er$ & GAWTBASS – Flux’
’NOAHPLAUSE – Runnin’ (Ray Volpe Remix)’
’Victor Niglio – Rituaal (Original Mix)’
’Jack U – Febreze (Jameston Thieves x Treovr Flip)’
’Deniz Koyu – To The Sun (Gazlind Remix)’
’COMMAND Q & JSTJR – Gobble’
’Choppa Dunks & Snappy Jit – Shut It Down’
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