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[Hip-Hop] JDP – Get U Some

Get U Some

Member of the production group Swim Team, JDP presents the anthem to your Friday night, his latest single ‘Get U Some,’ off his forthcoming album ‘Where Were You When,’ so go ahead and get you some.

Referencing the late great Gil Scott Heron’s “the revolution will not be televised,” JDP is out to start a revolution, and it starts by getting you moving.

He shares: “Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” is so impactful that even if people don’t know the man, they know the phrase. In the hook I’m saying “the revolution is on the floor, not televised, and when your bodies in my hand, it never lies.” Because sometimes people only give themselves permission to let go and find some freedom on the dancefloor.”

Stream JDP “Get U Some” below, and keep your ears out for the album.

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