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[Hip-Hop] Black Friday Mixtape Roundup (Free Downloads)

TMN Black Friday Mixtape Roundup

Black Friday is fucking weird, let’s just be honest. A day after showing “thanks” to their families, millions of Americans migrate to their local WalMart to fight over gifts their kids will forget about after a week. One great thing that does come from Black Friday every year, though, is a slew of new mixtapes from emcees who see the holiday as a perfect time to give their fans some free music. To help you ninjas navigate the countless releases, we’ve rounded up our 4 favorite mixtapes from Black Friday below. No waiting in line, no fatal fist fights over the latest version of FIFA, no stuffy, smelly crowds and, best of all, everything is free. Just scroll away, preview some tracks, read our thoughts and hit the Download button if you’re feeling it.  Continue reading

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[Hip/Hop] Ghostface Killah – Getha Baby

Ghostface Killah is never out of the spotlight for long; critically acclaimed return Apollo Kids dropped on December 21st, and with Blue & Cream on the near horizon, the legend is on a roll. They don’t hand out those plaques easily, you know.

Some stans have had Killah on rails for years, churning out record after record on autopilot. Still, Killah at 40% wizardry is more than enough game for the majority of our current “talent”, as his latest single shows.

Lead single “2Getha Baby” blows up in your face over the straightest old school tactics, in a return the classic Wu-Tang sound. A diced soul sample from “Together” by The Intruders plays up and over the main verses, which pack a dirty punch:

“You front on me tonight I’ma bag me a new hoe/Spank that ass like a real papichulo/Picture me Neutron I sit you right on your culo”

Certified fresh. And he’s not even trying, right?

Ghostface Killah – Getha Baby

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