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[House] Go Freek – Call Out

Go Freek
Call Out

Go Freek isn’t fond of the generic. On their Soundcloud they state they are “About as fond of generic club music as they are correct spelling.” We can agree with the first half of that, but spelling is important to us as journalist, but we appreciate their identity. We also appreciate their latest release, “Call Out” that was released through Insomniac Records.

“Call Out” is a quintessential electro hit that was designed for clubs. Most of the time, electro is aimed more at the festival audience, but here Go Freek pays attention to the nuances that makes an exceptional club record. There’s no shortage of groove in this single, and the vocal is just what the track needed to be taken to the next level of awesome. Go Freek themselves didn’t need the vocal to make the track, instead what they created around the vocal is a masterpiece in and of itself. They just wanted to add the tasteful cherry on top. “Call Out” is a necessity in your digital library, so head over to iTunes to add it to your collection.

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