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[Chill/Disco] Goldroom – Till Sunrise ft. Mammals

Till Sunrise

The way So-Cal dance-producer-turned-live act Goldroom approached the release of “Till Sunrise” was nothing short of inspiring. By now within most relevant electronic communities, Goldroom has become somewhat of a household name; and with every passing release, it would be quite simple to pick a handful of big name artists to author remixes and pocket a nice penny or two. But, rather than that extremely tired formula, the entire stem package was given away for free weeks ago, allowing any artist with a pirated copy of Ableton to try their hands at an official remix before anyone had even had a chance to hear it. We’ve heard great revisions already from names like MyKill and Justin Faust, which truly only stoked our proverbial fire before its concrete release today. But alas, it is Goldroom’s original tune which of course surpasses anything else done with the song. A wave of soft synth and airy pads give life to the track’s two-steppy stride of a melody before  Mammals’ breathy vocal incantations take their seat as our focal point. Goldroom’s slowed down brand of dance plays as luminous as ever, immediately taking our subconscious to late night rooftop parties and beach side soirees with our best friends; which is something we’ve almost come to expect from the multi-faceted dance creator. This one is about to go viral, so be a few steps ahead and stream “Till Sunrise”, which is out now on Binary, above. Trust us, it’s the most perfect Monday tune you’ll have listened to in months.

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[Chill/Dance/Disco] Wunder Wunder – Coastline (Goldroom Remix)

Wunder Wunder
Coastline (Goldroom Remix)

One of our absolute favorite electronic artists, and the choice purveyor of laid back, dancey and sunny musical vibes, Goldroom, has graced this writer’s snowy mid-May afternoon with a stirring remix of upstart L.A. based Aussies Wunder Wunder and their debut single “Coastline”. While we can only describe the original tune  as a poppy, synth soaked jaunt bubbling over onto a psychoactive sonic infrastructure, Goldroom wraps an increasingly familiar chunky, but pop-accessible bass line all around its foundation while penetrating the original emotive intent completely to shape “Coastline” into a track all their own. Frontman Josh Legg simply wrote about this remix earlier: “This one is pure escape. Let it take you away.” , which is just about as good as we could have said it. Goldroom’s remix comes as their contribution on an impending EP from Wunder Wunder, Coastline Remixed, which is due out on May 20 and also features versions of “Coastline” from TMN favorites Gigamesh, Chad Valley and more. Why not let this one wrap up your Monday evening with a neat little bow, and for our friends around the U.S. check out the group’s next few stateside tour dates through August.

Goldroom On Tour:

May 16: Providence, RI @ The Colosseum (DJ SET)
May 30: San Francisco @ The Independent (LIVE)
May 31: Los Angeles @ El Rey (LIVE)
June 21: Delaware @ Firefly Music Festival (LIVE)
June 25: New York @ Rough Trade (LIVE)
June 26: Washington DC @ U Street Music Hall (LIVE)
June 27: New York @ The Bowery Ballroom (LIVE)
June 28: Boston @ The Sinclair (LIVE)
Aug 2: Los Angeles @ HARD Summer (DJ Set)

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[Synth-Pop] St. Lucia – All Eyes On You (Goldroom Remix)

St. Lucia
All Eyes On You (Goldroom Remix)

The latest from Los Angeles’ Goldroom project is a shimmery retooling of St. Lucia‘s “All Eyes On You”, which was as an original, a vital piece of his debut LP When the Night. As  Josh Legg’s secluded bedroom-disco recording project has evolved into a complete live setup which can boast national and international tours, we’ve been privy to some pretty amazing originals and remixes along the way. September’s Embrace EP, their first in two years, simply put a smile on our faces and marked their place near the top of that nu-disco/pop/chill movement. Goldroom’s lush electronic execution which has seen the So-Cal troupe take on remix duties for the likes of Charli XCX and The Knocks in 2013, is well represented in this union with the New York producer, evoking an urge to make you move throughout. Some poppy synths have mingled into the rework, but heavy and sexy as ever is the saxophone breakdown. Trust us when we say this remix is absolutely worth 5 minutes of your time today.

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Owl Eyes – Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix)

Owl Eyes
Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix)

As sounds emanating from America’s biggest club nights have slowly begun to shift from jacking, four-to-the-floor big-room anthems and wubby, extreme bass towards more groove-heavy sounds from genres like Electro, Trance, Nu-Disco, Deep-House, Future Bass, U.K. garage and funk, Synth-Pop and countless others; it is starting to become clear that the underground club scene has begun to leak into mainstream consciousness, and there are a handful of producers from each respective field who are in part responsible for the recent awareness in their music movements. There is no doubt that if you look into the Nu-disco phenomenon under a magnifying glass that you would come across Los Angeles based disco-purveyor Goldroom. Although most of their original material now comes with the support of a complete live act, most remixes remain producer Josh Legg’s dance outlet and today he’s blessed us with another original remix for Owl Eyes’ single “Jewels & Sapphires”. Goldroom has stripped away much of the original instrumentation in favor of a more gyration-friendly bass line and Summery steel drum, while keeping the track’s integrity and simultaneously highlighting Owl Eyes’ (aka Brooke Adammo) deep, vibrant vocals. The remix is set to be released as part of Owl Eyes’ forthcoming EP, which has yet to receive an official release date, but we will keep you posted as always. Stay Ninja.

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[Disco House] Shelby Grey – Wild Youth (Moonchild Remix)

Moonchild has to be one of my favorite and consistent Disco House acts. I love the beats and style Moonchild offers. His remix of Wild Youth is very calming and upbeat at the same time. I love those horn shots! This is just a great Disco House track, If you were to get into Disco House, this track would be a great start. Goldroom also delivers his stellar remix below as well!  Listen. LOVE <3 Enjoy!

’Shelby Grey – Wild Youth (Moonchild Remix) (Holographic People)’
’Shelby Grey – Wild Youth (Goldroom Remix)’
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