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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 181)

Every Friday we gather together free downloads that you can take with you into the weekend. This week is no different, as we have another dozen songs that you can either stream or download to listen on your own device. The theme is party, but the aim is to get you to let loose over the weekend as you recharge your batteries for the upcoming Monday. Hence, we have some softer future style tracks, all the way up to some grimy dubstep to finish things off. Records this week come from the likes of Venessa Michaels, Razihel, Crichy Crich, ETC! ETC!, Aylen, Tisoki and more. Many of these artists have been featured by us, either in this playlist, in a solo article, or both. We hope to convert you to fans of these talented artists. As always, have a great weekend and #danceirresponsibly.

’MICHL – Kill Our Way To Heaven (NINE LIVES Remix)’
’Killing Me Softly (VenessaMichaels X MOONZz Redo)’
’Razihel & Fareoh – Forever’
’Diplo & Sleepy Tom
Be Right There (Gorilla Bass Remix)’
’Crichy Crich x King Tutt – SIN$ (prod. by TINCUP)’
’KANDY – Lick It (Original Mix)’
’Vice City X DatPhoria – Midnight (feat. DeLon)’
’TIGHTTRAXX & ETC!ETC! – Jungla (Original Mix)’
’NIGHTOWLS & SAM F – Nap In The Club (Aylen Remix)’
’Kastra & Buzzmeisters – Kangaroo’
’Bombs Away – China All The Time Ft. Donald Trump’
’Hold It Down (Tisoki Remix)’
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[Future Bass] DVBBS – Always (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Always (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Gorilla Bass is back in the mix with another remix. DVBBS’ single “Always” is what the Chicago beatmaker took aim at, and he hit his mark with a quality laid-back future flip. He gives it an old-school vibe by keeping things simple, including his sound choice and design. With that booming bassline spearheading the drop, things get catchy real quick, especially given its hypnotic nature. This remix of “Always” is one of those tracks you pop on when you want to just mellow the whole world out, and it works. What else works, is releasing free music, which Gorilla Bass does here. Every so often, this dude comes out with something, and its always a good day when it does. Press play here, and stay tuned for more on Soundcloud from GB in the future.

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[Trap] Chedda Da Connect – Flicka Da Wrist (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Chedda Da Connect
Flicka Da Wrist (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Chedda Da Connect meets Gorilla Bass in this “Flicka Da Wrist” flip by the latter act. It’s hard for a lot of new, emerging acts to get there music out there, but the producer has managed to create appealing takes on interesting records. Gorilla Bass has released two other cool edits prior to this one, and with this latest he moves back into the realm of trap to deliver a turn’t up version of the dirty south original. Although it’s geared towards a party atmosphere, it’s not an over the top raging banger; rather, it’s tasteful with the energy, lending itself to do wonders with crowds in all sorts of settings. Much like the other remixes, this one is being released for free, so if you have your wrists flicking, do yourself a favor and download the track.

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[Moombah] Tiga – Bugatti (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Bugatti (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Gorilla Bass is back with another intriguing listen. Another remix, this time of “Bugatti” by Tiga gets turned out into a moombah gem. It’s like moombahcore meets tech, which makes for quite an aural experience. A fat bassline with a some solid dembow will always have people moving, but Gorilla Bass went on and managed to do more than just put those two elements together and copout for an easy song. His take on the song is creative and is much more involved than one thinks, even after having a listen. The remix has been released for free, so if you find your body moving along to the beat, go on and download it here.

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[Trap/Jersey Club] RL Grime – Kingpin (Gorilla Bass Remix)

RL Grime- Kingpin (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Wacky tunes are fun. Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy them, you can tell that they have a creative character that’s not simply a remolded hunk of sound. Take this remix from Gorilla Bass, whose take on RL Grime’s “Kingpin” is not your typical trap tune. In fact, not only are you taken to the trap, but you dive into some quirky jersey club action that makes this remix one dope listen. Chances are you’ll give this more than just one listen, and to those who do, you’ll be glad to know that you can grab this track for free. Gorilla Bass brings an interesting sound out of Chicago, with his sound design being something that can make him stick out if he keeps up the interesting work. This remix is four minutes and thirty six seconds of pure fire, so enjoy it. Try not to burn yourself.

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