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When you trace the lines of Shaquille’s career, it’s clear that his pursuits are not limited to the basketball court. His foray into music, especially with GORILLA WARFARE, is an example of his boundless creativity. The seamless blend of hip-hop influences with the pounding rhythms of dubstep offers listeners an immersive auditory experience, akin to witnessing him overpower an opponent on the hardwood.

DIESEL’s collaboration with some of the most avant-garde artists in the electronic music scene adds layers of complexity to GORILLA WARFARE. Each song becomes a tapestry, with threads of individual genius woven intricately into DIESEL’s expansive musical vision.

The album serves not just as another musical venture for O’Neal but as an auditory chronicle of his multifaceted journey. In GORILLA WARFARE, DIESEL doesn’t just produce bass music; he crafts an epic tale, reminiscent of his larger-than-life presence, both on the court and in the booth.

Listeners should brace themselves for not just an album, but a movement. GORILLA WARFARE is more than music; it’s the roar of a legend echoing through time.

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