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[Trap] Mikey Ceaser – Carried Away (Prod. Grabbitz & Ray Volpe)

Mikey Ceaser
Carried Away (Prod. Grabbitz & Ray Volpe)

Chances are you will get “Carried Away” with listening to Mikey Ceaser‘s new single. The trap single is better than any hip-hop you’ll find on the radio, thanks to Mikey’s fire rhymes and the instrumental created by the electronic heavyweights Grabbitz and Ray Volpe.

Sometimes when electronic producers recruit a rapper or vice versa, the performances can be a bit lackluster, instead of each act amplifying the other. In the case of “Carried Away,” everyone exponentially strengthens each other with the result being one of this year’s dopest records. Grabbitz and Ray’s hybrid instrumental is top shelf; these two together are something special. Add Mikey Ceaser on top with his party-starting performance and you have a recipe for more than just success. This tune would be worth any purchase price a digital store could charge, but instead the three acts are giving this one out for free.

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[Dubstep] Grabbitz – Ballin’/Don’t Stop EP

Anytime Grabbitz puts something out, it’s gold. He’s worked alongside Monstercat pushing his records as of late, and he adds another project to the mix with a pair of records called ‘Ballin'” and “Don’t Stop.” Grabbitz works with a ton of different styles, but he hones in on dubstep with this project to please all the bass heads out there. With “Ballin'” we get a bass track that has overwhelming trap sensibilities, and makes use of hip-hop samples to augment the arrangement. The track really is as it says, ballin’! He keeps the energy going with “Don’t Stop,” a song that more aligns itself with the OG style of dub. His sound design capabilities are flexed in this composition that will melt your face if you have the volume up loud enough. Stream them, or buy them on iTunes, and try to pick a favorite; we still can’t.

’Grabbitz – Ballin”
’Grabbitz – Don’t Stop’
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[Trap] Karma Fields – Build The Cities feat. Kerli (Grabbitz Remix)

Karma Fields
Build The Cities (feat. Kerli) (Grabbitz Remix)

Grabbitz wasn’t done with just his Friends EP, which dropped just at the end of last month. He’s already back with another song in the form of a remix for the esoteric act Karma Fields. Oh yeah, and Deadmau5 just uploaded a teaser of his collaboration with Grabbitz onto his Soundcloud. Nick has got some things going on, as you can see. As you will hear, his remix of “Build The Cities” is a dazzling display of the producer’s all-star abilities at making timeless music. Grabbitz joins a crew of remixers on the Reconstructions EP, which is still, well… under construction. Get the this remix on Bandcamp, and make sure to check out the other ones that have already been made public. Stay tuned for the rest!

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[Multi-Genre] Grabbitz – Friends EP

Grabbitz is one of those producers whose talent shines in every single creation they make. Some may recognize him from the recent coverage regarding Deadmau5 reaching out to him on Twitter. We know him from his remixes of “Get Low” and “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” along with other originals. Speaking of originals, Grabbitz dropped an all original EP called Friends on Monstercat.

Seven songs including introduction, transition, and closing episodes of experimental nature make up this EP. In going back and forth between flexing his bass music guns and his more film-score like talents he manages to create a project that is more than just some cool tracks he’s been working on. He’s built a complex experience by weaving dub tracks like “Here With You Now” and “Turn Around” with works like the trapped out collaboration with Faustix and “A Walk To The Gallows,” a mystical conclusion to an outstanding EP. Friends is the EP project that Grabbitz fans have been waiting for, and his next move is going to be to top this. There’s no doubt in the ninjas mind’s he will!

’Grabbitz – 7.6.14 (Intro)’
’Grabbitz – Here With You Now’
’Grabbitz – Friends (with Faustix)’
’Grabbitz – Transition (Short)’
’Grabbitz – Turn Around’
’Grabbitz – Way Too Deep’
’Grabbitz – A Walk To The Gallows’
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