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[Electronic] Disco Fries ft. Great Good Fine OK – Moving On

Damn, Disco Fries and Great Good Fine OK just dropped a hot one on Enhanced. Their pop influenced original called “Moving On” will have you moving along to digital stores to get a copy after your first listen. Although a lot of producers are moving to the pop world, Disco Fries did it right with this one.

Sometimes producers just can’t nail the sound, but “Moving On” shares incredible parts from each genre to create something special right in between. It’s a unique, but familiar sound that you can connect with instantly. It’s no doubt a dance record, but it’s accessibility reaches far beyond the usual scope. “Moving On” is a straight jam that will give you all the funk you need.

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[Synth-Pop] Great Good Fine OK – Not Going Home

Great Good Fine Ok
Not Going Home

It’s hard to believe that with such a gigantic blogosphere buzz storm behind them last year that Brooklyn duo Great Good Fine OKs latest bubblegum sweet offering “Not Going Home” is only their second official single. Nevertheless, we’re thrilled to finally ring in 2014 with them, especially on the heels of undeniably alluring single “You’re The One For Me”, which racked up over 500k plays on Soundcloud and spawned a few incredible remixes as well. GGFO’s sound is surely in its infancy, but the pair no doubt emit an electric ability to pull a smile and head-bouncing nod on the same level as any of their bouncy pop contemporaries. “Not Going Home” tugs on that same quality, but is immediately commanding in the most lovely of feelgood indie-pop ways. An airy synth paces the emotive jaunt to the first bridge simultaneously serving as an aural tunnel into their first atmospheric chorus like Sonic the Hedgehog sprinting the barrel in an 8-Bit Emerald bonus round. About the tune the duo was quoted as saying  “Not Going Home’ was written in a similar way [to “You’re The One”] . This time about not taking chances on being happy and living your dreams. You’ve got to fight for it. This song means a whole lot to us and we couldn’t be more excited to share it!” Hop on this one before anyone else above, and you can bet we’ll be all over any future releases from Great Good Fine OK.

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[House] Great Good Fine OK – You’re the One For Me (option4 Remix)

Great Good Fine OK
You're The One For Me (option4 remix)

option4, an artist with whom we’ve had the pleasure to showcase a few times and even premiere, has been augmenting his rapidly expanding fan base on the heels of a deep, party appropriate stable of house remixes and originals. Today however, the astute producer has shed another layer of production psyche, and turned to a sunnier, provocative sound on this latest rework of indie-pop outfit Great Good Fine OKs anthemic single “You’re the One For Me”. We weren’t sure how this one would translate to the dance floor, especially from such a unique artist like option4, but alas, our concerns were ultimately fruitless and the mark was hit directly on its bulls-eye. The tempo is pitched up slightly on option4’s rework, glossed with a very U.K. influenced shuffle and a punchy kick. Like most of his tracks thus far, option4’s remix of “You’re the One For Me” is being gifted to us Ninjas as a free download on his Soundcloud, so do your cochlear cavities a favor and plug into this one at some point today.

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