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[Moombahton] Munchi – Guess Who’s Back

Guess Who's Back

MUNCHI IS BACK. That’s all that really needs to be said, as Munchi is one of those legendary figures that literally everyone should know. It’s been way too long since his last release, but great things come in due time and the time for Munchi is now. His single “Guess Who’s Back” has him bringing his classic moombahton sound back to the table.

“Guess Who’s Back” has been released on Selegna Records. Whether you believe it or not, this song was actually made five years ago, but the timing of its release couldn’t be more appropriate. No matter where the moombahton scene is at – which is debated – the return of Munchi is a great sign. With this new single, hopefully it brings some other great moombah tracks out of the woodwork. If there was only one song you could buy in all of 2017, “Guess Who’s Back” would need to be it. Do so today through Bandcamp.

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