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[Chill] Disclosure – Boiling (Deuxième Remix)

Boiling (Deuxième Remix)

Sinead Harnett, whether you knew it or not, has lent her voice to some of the best electronic records in recent years. Her collaboration with Disclosure on one of Settle’s relatively ignored B-sides “Boiling” is widely treasured across the blogosphere as one of the album’s standout tracks. Her voice just melts into the UK duo’s production effortlessly and the marriage seems like it was built in heaven, until now. Enter Deuxième, a new player in the game from the suburban follies of Connecticut. With Rick Mitarotonda on guitar and Doug Bogan on keyboards/production, the two classically trained musicians give us a redone track that’s groovy, uplifting, melodic, and jazzy. Be on the look out for much more from these cool cats in the near future!

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OMFG l33t GUITAR SKILLZ! err.. I mean.. Meet Rodrigo Y Gabriela

I know guys, I am late… If Mexican musical duo Rodrigo y Gabriela is new to you, join the club! As a late Music Ninja bloomer, I was unfortunate to not have discovered them earlier. Yes I am ashamed but its better late than never. Their extremly fast rhythmic classical guitars has become a new addiction to me.

Rodrigo y Gabriela will be releasing a new album “11:11” next month (September 7, 2009) It will guest star Strunz & Farah on the song “Master Maqui” and guest star Alex Skolnick on the song “Atman.”

Diablo Rojo






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