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Never letting up, Hekler has consistently painted a sonic portrait that is both evocative of his roots and forward-looking in its execution. Returning to Bassrush Records, Hekler’s new EP, HEK SZN, is another strong example of his ability to re-imagine the bass landscape.

Starting with “Work It,” Hekler defies the constraints of genres, echoing the past’s rave vibes while infusing fresh energy suitable for any modern dance floor. This fluidity, this dance between past and present, is what Hekler excels at.

His collaboration with BLVCK JVCK, “BUMPIN,” leans into hip-hop territory, showing that Hekler isn’t just about the drops and the wubs. There’s an inherent musicality to his approach, a nod to the broader tapestry of electronic music.

In a time when electronic music often gets pigeonholed into silos, Hekler’s collaborations, like the experimental “Brains” with BLURRD VZN, and the hauntingly evocative “BOUND” with MADI, remind us of the genre’s vast potential.

But HEK SZN isn’t just an EP; it’s reflects this artists’ state of mind, at the moment. A statement that electronic music, and especially bass music, isn’t static. It’s ever-evolving, and artists like Hekler are at the forefront of its next chapter.

For those who’ve followed the ebb and flow of electronic music over the years, Hekler’s work serves as a bridge and a beacon. HEK SZN is now available on Bassrush Records, offering listeners a journey through bass’s evolving story.

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