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[Electronic] Dooqu – How Long (feat. Trove)

How Long (ft. Trove)

Denmark’s Dooqu teamed up with the Australian vocalist Trove to create “How Long.” The light-hearted, but lively single was just released through the Heroic Recordings imprint. It’s just the type of track you’d expect from the label, but even at that Dooqu did something especially notable with this song.

Future bass is an easy genre to water down. “How Long” doesn’t even come close to being a cheesy re-up on a style that is and has been hype for quite some time. What we get here is something funky and fresh. It’s familiar, but different all at the same time. Trove’s performance on this is a highlight; he makes sure to standout instead of simply standing by and that’s the mark of a special singer. We’d love to hear more from these two, both together or separately, as they each bring something unique to the table. Check out the song, as well as a quote below from the producer and then head over to the song’s landing page for a free download!

I want people to feel they are a part of the different levels of energy in the song. The smooth and relaxing vocal of Trove taking the song in his hand and pushing it to its maximum. It surprises you when the drop hits, but somehow it feels so expected anyway.
– Dooqu

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[Electronic] WRLD x smle – Stranded (feat. Kiddo Al)

WRLD x smle
Stranded (feat. Kiddo AI)

In honor of their new tour together, WRLD and smle have put out a single alongside Kiddo AI through Heroic Recordings. “Stranded” is what the song and tour have been named. Both are not things to miss out on, so whether you’re looking to download the track for free or purchase tour tickets, both can be done while you stream the tune in the dojo.

We would be very surprised if you went to a show on the tour and didn’t hear the song the tour was named after. Regardless of their shared name, a song this could should not be skipped by either of the acts on tour. It’s good enough that if both played it, fans wouldn’t care. “Stranded” has that poppy, euphoric future sound categorized by a catchy vocal and riveting synth work. Each act’s styles fit well together and Kidd AI’s vocal performance takes this song to special heights. Like we said before, it’s available for free and make sure to check out the tour dates for stops in your area.

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[Indie] Least Of Creatures – Candlelight

Least Of Creatures

Seattle’s Least Of Creatures makes his Heroic Recordings debut with the single “Candlelight.” With it we get a sincere record that speaks to the soul. “Candlelight” has just been released today and by the end of this post, you’ll be wanting to grab this one online.

Sometimes when creators try and bring all the feels they can into a track, it feels a bit forced. “Candlelight” is an all natural expression that will leave a lasting impression on listeners of all demographics. Least Of Creatures isn’t your average songwriter, as we get a sense that his sound can go several ways in the future. We look forward to hearing just which ways it goes. Check out “Candlelight” today and see what the artist had to say about the song himself below.

I’m not sure if it’s distinctive but it’s honest and for the most part exactly how I intended it to be. The track is soft and emotional with a touch of illegibility. I’d like an explanation point of interest to pop above listeners heads and intrigue in my future projects.
– Least Of Creatures

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[Electronic] WRLD x Savoi – Hideaway

WRLD x Savoi // Hideaway

Heroic Recordings kicks off 2017 with a solid single from WRLD and Savoi. “Hideaway” is the song and the vibe is just right to ring in the new year. You would think this as a Summer song, but we’re glad we’re getting it in the midst of Winter to warm us up.

“Hideaway” is a light, midtempo record whose highly melodic composition will get stuck in your head with ease. It’s getting it out that is the hard part. WRLD and Savoi lay the landscape for listeners to escape in this dashing tune. It comes as no surprise that Heroic Recordings wanted WRLD back on this one as it isn’t a song you’ll be forgetting about any time soon. Get your copy of it today.

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[Trap] Owkey – Know Myself (feat. Ashdown)

Know Myself (ft. Ashdown)

Heroic Recordings put out a gem several days ago from the Copenhagen creator Owkey, who collaborated with London’s Ashdown. “Know Myself” is the tune. The unique take on the trap sound is a fresh experience for your ears. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

“Know Myself” has that laidback, R&B meets future mood, but the sound closely aligns with dance music’s trap style. When you think trap vocal, you think of an emcee or a robust vocal that is aimed at a festival crowd. With “Know Myself” we get a subtly powerful vocal that matches the intimacy of Owkey’s instrumental. There’s nothing over the top about this one, it’s completely tasteful and 100% dope. Owkey and Ashdown put together a memorable tune that we’ll be jamming to into the new year. We’ve already grabbed the free download and added it to our playlists and you should too.

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[Electronic] Fytch – Show You (ft. Alisa Nappa)

Show You (ft. Alisa Nappa)

Following the success of Falls Like Rain EP, French producer Fytch is back at it with a fresh new track off his upcoming Show Me EP. “Show You” once again features the lovely vocals by Alisa Nappa. Contrasting to their previous collaboration “Over Your Head”, the EP title track has toned down the bass a few notches and embodies a downtempo vibe. Alisa’s fluid vocals takes the track on a smooth sail, which will leave you vibin’ from beginning to end.

Fytch has proven once again just how versatile yet unique his music is. His recent work has helped set the bar high for bass music, and we cannot wait ’til the full EP comes out this Friday.

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[Electronic] Whynnel – Murvan


We were first introduced to Slovenian producer Whynnel upon the launch of Heroic Recordings‘ ominous, aptly-named counterpart Villain. “Mitzdi,” the first release from the mysterious beatsmith, established a sonic landscape that finds beauty and relaxation in its darkness. That saga continues with “Murvan,” a bleak but gorgeous composition. The song expands on Whynnel’s under-water aesthetic, which subdues sounds to the point where it feels like they are gasping for air. The true emotion in “Murvan” is driven by its subtle contrasts–reaching the greatest heights when the instrumentation peaks its head out for a breathe. Vibe out to this one-of-a-kind tune above and grab a copy here.

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