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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2016 Round #2)

In the midst of chaos, music can be the perfect escape. Come get lost with us for a while….

’Bamily – Hello Stranger’
’The Lonely Rivals – Save It For Tomorrow’
’Hi Fi Cali – Ocean Love’
’Tuskha – No Pain’
’Glenn Davis – Off The Line’
’Berlin Bar Hounds – Skeleton’
’Chess Club – Careful’
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Hi Fi Cali – Ocean Love [TMN PREMIERE]

Hi Fi Cali
Ocean Love

Hi Fi Cali sprung up as an unintentional side project between two of the members of Bora York. A few unpublished synth-pop tunes later, they began catching people ears, and it encouraged them to continue creating together. With a name like Hi Fi Cali, it’s tough to imagine anything but sun-drenched, pleasant tunes that wistfully waft around in the warm summer. Well, the heat is here, and “Ocean Love” fits that bill with prime material to make the best out of the sunny days ahead.

Inherently carefree and optimistic, this song exhibits the best traits of what synth-driven pop can accomplish, because a lot of it can get lost in 8-bit, 80’s nostalgia. These two pull in just the right amount of pop and alternative elements to eschew the typical styles of this genre. “Ocean Love” is absolutely a pleasant listen. It makes you feel great. We can always use a little more of that.

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Hi-Fi Cali – Soulmates [TMN PREMIERE]

Hi Fi Cali

TMN is stoked to give you all a first look at electropop duo Hi-Fi Cali’s latest single, “Soulmates.” A direct off-shoot of Chris Bartel’s previous project Bora York, the Minneapolis duo brings us a smooth, downtempo disco track with this release that’ll get you snaking your head to a synth-driven rhythm, funky guitar riff, and finessed bass. After all that action, about half way through the song you’ll get a treat of some ambient butterfly effect tones that’ll take you up and away.

While the highly pleasing falsetto vocals on this track are a close second, our favorite thing about this tune has got to be the way that Hi-Fi Cali creates a perfect symphony of retro synths throughout, all building upon one another with patience and purpose.

This tune is absolutely perfect for fans of electropop favorites Chromeo, Bag Raiders, Holy Ghost!, and even Toro y Moi. Let’s hope their hot sound can get them through those cold winters in Minnesota. Don’t freeze please—we want to hear more.

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