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[Fresh] Kanye West – Power


Possibly the first anthem (single) of Good Ass Job, Kanye West marches through samples of King Crimson sample from 21st Century Schizoid Man to create a very powerful sounding track. Very curious and excited to see what else hes got in store for 2010.

Kanye West – Power

’Kanye West – Power’


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[Fresh Hip/Hop] Marky – RUN ON (Prod by Madman)


Straight from DC, Marky just released “Run On”, a cut off his “Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2” presented by Kevin Nottingham and Johnny Cash. The song is a dark, Madman-produced track that samples Johnny Cash’s vocals and showcases how incredably fluent Marky has become at his own rhymes. Defnitely expect ‘a deep and cinematic record’ coming from him.

Marky – “RUN ON” (Prod by Madman)

’RUN ON.mp3′


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[Hip/Hop Hooray] Damian Marley & Nasir Jones

Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter

While a bit of this album from Damian Marley and Nas leaked a couple of months back, these two tracks really showcase the power contained in ‘Damian Marley & Nasir Jones ‘. The collaboration of two artists who are both considered one of best in their genre is bound to shake the music world. I can’t wait for the release on 4/10.

Damian Marley & Nasir Jones – As We Enter

’As We Enter’

Damian Marley & Nasir Jones – Strong Will Continue

’Strong Will Continue’
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[Hip/Hop] Chiddy Bang EP Dropping Feb 22.


Straight from the Press Release:

The notion of “traditional hip hop” has changed forever. Whether you’re talking about genre bending projects from superstars like Kanye and Lil Wayne or new artists like Kid Cudi, hip-hop has reached a tipping point and its followers are expanding their horizons. Chiddy Bang is a Philly based duo comprised of Chiddy (Proto,19, MC) and Xaphoon Jones (Noah, 19, DJ/producer) who combine elements of indie and electronica with some good ole fashioned “spitting”. The result has been described by some bloggers as a “hipsters wet dream”, but Chiddy Bang prefers to think of themselves as “kings of the basement party jam”.

And you know what? I completely agree with the way they have chosen to present themselves. Chiddy Bangs have the production value, flow and talent of big time hip/hop artists like Jay Z and Kanye while still maintaining an underground street vibe to their music. They have that “raw” factor that similar artists like Kid Cudi and Gym Class heroes don’t achieve. The EP “The Opposite of Adults” will be released Febuary 22nd. ****

***[Updates: Thanks to the wonderful commenters below for correcting us, we have edited the article to reflect the fact that the song Sooner or Later was originally released back in February 2009, Thanks!]

Opposite of Adults [MP3 Link Removed by Request]

’01 Opposite of Adults.mp3′

Chiddy Bang – Sooner or Later [MP3 Link Removed by Request]

’03 Sooner or Later.mp3′


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[Hip/Hop] Lil Wayne – Drop The World ft. Eminem


Saw this first on Pigeons and Planes and boy this track ain’t no lullaby thats for sure. Both rappers get real, no auto tune, no bullshit. Most impressive is Eminem getting back to his roots spitting forceful and powerful rhymes. Drop The World is a dark track containing slow minimalist beats and the cloudy symphonic choruses really don’t help lighten things up.

Rebirth, if it doesn’t get delayed again, will be Lil Wayne’s “rock music” debut releasing on February 1st 2010… well not so much of a rebirth as he is still gonna include a couple of rap songs…

Lil Wayne -Drop The World (Feat. Eminem)

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[Fresh] Kid Cudi over Vampire Weekend? What!?


You heard right, Kid Cudi Freestyling over “Ottoman” from the beloved Indie-Rock Band, Vampire Weekend. I never really could imagine someone rapping over Vampire Weekend but if anyone can, Kid Cudi is definitely the man.

Kid Cudi – Cudderisback

’01 Cudderisback.mp3′

And if you do not know who the hell the Vampire Weekend are! Here is a small preview of their easy listen melodic rock style that often dabbles into pop .

Vampire Weekend – Horchata

’01 Horchata.mp3′


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[Hip Hop Hooray] CunninLynguists – Running Wild


CunninLynguists are an emerging underground hip hop trio from Lexington, Kentucky who just released their latest album Strange Journey, Vol. 2 on the 10th of November.

Calling them just a Hip/hop group is a severe understatement. These guys have crafted a perfect formula of combining elements of soul and jazz into a hip/hop that is both lyrically intelligent and melodically rich. There are moments when we fall in love with only specific songs from albums but not with the album in its entirety, and we are glad to say this is NOT one of those times. The entire album was produced with love by Kno and it shows. Each song can truly shine on its own.

Cunninlynguists – Running Wild (ft. E-40 and Evidence)


Cunninlynguists – To Be Real



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