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HOGTRUCKER, the unstoppable dance-pop sensation from Las Vegas, is back with a bang. Starting his journey in the energetic Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, he moved to Vegas in 2017, and hasn’t looked back since. His breakout track, “House Show,” mixed pop-punk vocals with electronic and dark, driving synths, setting the stage for future success.

Now, he’s released HOGTIED, an album that’s nothing short of pleasurable. The lead track, “Bumpin’,” is a high-energy house-pop anthem created with co-producer Sevenths. HOGTRUCKER says, “We were so inspired to make the craziest little party track we could for this summer,” and it shows. This track is sure to get everyone on their feet proper.

But the accolades don’t stop there. After his 2021 album, Diskogoth, HOGTRUCKER took some time in New York to explore new sounds and perfect his DJ skills. Returning to Las Vegas in 2023, he’s now one of the hottest DJs around.

HOGTIED journeys through different dance genres, from garage and drum and bass to house, techno, and EDM, all wrapped up in HOGTRUCKER’s signature style. This album is a showing off of his path as an artist, displaying how he has blended the influences from his time in New York with the sounds he developed in Las Vegas.

Get ready to get HOGTIED and let HOGTRUCKER take you on an epic ride through his world.

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