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[Electronic] Jake Alder – Horizon (Feat. ELIZA)

Jake Alder
Horizon (Feat. ELIZA)

Electronic music and pop have been good friends for longer than most would like to admit. Today we share with you “Horizon,” a single from Jake Alder that shares influence from both previously mentioned genres of music. The single, which features vocalist ELIZA, is another example of moombah permeating pop compositions; people just can’t refuse the dembow.

“Horizon” is more than a breathe of fresh air. It’s a timeless gem that all parties involved brought their A game to create. While every blogger is recapping the year with their “best songs,” which is just them re-plugging their friends or hype artists, they’re sleeping on really extraordinary tracks like this one. Jake Alder just added himself some big fans with this one, because the dojo is popping with good vibes from “Horizon.” Do your friends a favor and share this with them. They’ll love you for it.

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[Progressive House] Ingenia – Horizon feat. Robin Vane

Ingenia // Horizon feat. Robin Vane (Radio Edit)

Every so often there’s a progressive house track that comes along and tickles our fancy in the dojo. “Horizon” is the latest to do so. This original single comes to us from the creator Ingenia by way of Atlast Records.

“Horizon” was created in conjunction with the vocalist Robin Vane, who’s voice soars in this song. It is certainly one of the big highlights of the track, which is why we’ve come to enjoy it so. Ingenia’s festival-ready instrumental is calling for all the Summer mainstages. It has the classic sound of the sub-genre, with catchy melodies and shining synths. It carries the uplifting tone that characterizes the genre and energizes it’s lovers. Enjoy the stream, and check out what Ingenia had to say about the record.

We are all hoping and thinking about a better place. If we look to the Horizon, we do not know what lies beyond, we can only hope it’s better than where we are right now. A world full of suffering and pain, but also where joy and happiness can be found. We are where we are, on this earth, together. Better days will come.. it’s on the Horizon.

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