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HU₵₵I’s label VEYRON ARCHE has some of the hottest trap sounds you are going to find. Their latest release lives up to the prestige of the rest of the imprint’s catalog. “Wrath” from HOUNDS and SENOJNAYR is that track. Innovative, dirty and mind-bending, the song can be (somewhat) summed up by the following comment on Soundcloud: “Trapped in a dark alley while too much acid kicks in slowly.”

“Wrath” feels like two songs when you listen all the way through. HOUNDS and SENOJNAYR take you on a trip, first throwing you into a more traditional trapstyle tale and then into a more cerebral expression that comes quite unexpectedly. It’s this fusing of two distinct sounds that makes “Wrath” so spectacular. Each piece could have superb songs on their own, but these two producers didn’t let up and brought both fires together. “Wrath” is currently available on digital stores for those who want a copy.

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