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Looking back: its great to be Huma


I just discovered today ( a little late since they released their EP “We Are Here For You” in 2006, and “Some Things Come and Go” in sept 2008) and I am enjoying their unique and organic sounding folk electronic sound. Music for Humans by Huma, their style is still very acoustic and subtle even though they describe themselves as electronic. An easy listen that will get you though the day this Wednesday evening.

“A brother. A sister. A best friend/girlfriend. Kids behind counters making music on coffee breaks. Teachers after school playing NYC late. Librarians singing softly in the stacks. We started in New Jersey with a self-released EP bringing together pastoral pop with an electronic twitch. So many sounds combined in every scene lived. It became shows played and friends made. It became an album released on Cult-Hero records in 2006 called “We Are Here For You.” It became a tour, more shows and continues to spread. It became a new home on the west coast. Here we are today. Nothing stays the same. It’s about writing new songs for new releases and playing for new faces. We will be happy to answer any questions.”

Paper Boat

”Paper Boat”

Feels Like I’m Walking

”Feels Like I am Walking”

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