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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 241)

Every time the ninjas gather for the Friday Party Playlist, it’s always a great time. For us it signifies the mark of the weekend and we hope that it has come to mean the same for you. After all, we’ve only been doing it for nearly 250 weeks now. We want you to keep your money to spend on weekend fun, so we’ve gathered our favorite free downloads for you to have while you’re out enjoying your leisure time. The weekend is only 2 days, so you gotta live it up! This time around you will be joined by the likes of Rad Cat, Mickey Valen, Axel Boy, Jameston Thieves, KJ Sawka, Kasbo and more. Stream ’em, download ’em, whatever way you choose to listen, make sure you #danceirresponsibly to ’em.

’Rad Cat – sorry 4 flexing ft. compulsive’
’I.Y.F.F.E x Paul Couture – Call Me’
’Mickey Valen – Wildcard (feat. Feli Ferraro)’
’avery shyra – pause (MAG Remix)’
’Thracian – OTHRSD (Bootleg)’
’Seafret – Blank You Out (Anden Remix)’
’Axel Boy – I’m With U (Feat. Stevyn)’
’Jackal – Gunshot feat.Jammin (Jameston Thieves Remix)’
’KJ Sawka & WB x MB – Very Bad Things’
’Sam Lamar & Holly – Police’
’Prismo – Weakness (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Kasbo – Found You (Feat. Chelsea Cutler)’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 234)

There were so many good tracks that came out recently that we had to give you a couple extra today. This week’s Friday Party Playlist is packed with fourteen free downloads from producers all across the globe. Tracks from people like I.Y.F.F.E, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and Spock are just the tip of the iceberg. We also have solid collaborations from Carter Cruise x Dean Cohen, Matroda x Dustycloud, EMME x Erotic Cafe, Jayceeoh x CLVZA, Jaykode x Sullivan King and that’s not even all of them. Whether you’re simply streaming, or downloading these tunes, take them with you when you head out tonight. If you’re staying in due to the weather, that doesn’t mean you can’t party just the same. Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Gromo – Give Me’
’Parker – Zoo’
’RVDY – No Return’
’Migos – T
SHIRT (I.Y.F.F.E Facelift)’
’Carter Cruise x Dean Cohen “Everybody Nose Me”‘
’Matroda x Dustycloud – Come Back’
’Black Tiger Sex Machine – Hell Motel’
’ËMMË x Erotic Cafe’ – Tun Up (feat. KG Man)’
’Jayceeoh & CLVZA – I’M OK’
’JayKode – Break It Down (Feat. Sullivan King)’
’Spock – Effing Crud’
’AFK & Jetset – Popsicle Vapestep’
’dEVOLVE & Kameo “Bomb Pon Dem”‘
’Swedish House Mafia – Leave the world behind (Yuck Nasty Remix)’
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[Future] I.Y.F.F.E X Thai – So High (feat. Wiktoria Kolosowa)

I.Y.F.F.E X Thai
So High (feat. Wiktoria Kolosowa)

I.Y.F.F.E makes his return to Uprise Music, this time with the Brazilian producer Thai. Not only does he kick it into high gear with the South American, but the two enlist Wiktoria Kolosowa to hop on the vocals for the exceptionally engaging record.

“So High” will make you feel just that. It’s an uplifting future bass record, but it’s not just a simple, straightforward rendition of the genre. I.Y.F.F.E and Thai really make it their own, while Wiktoria’s performance on the song adds a whole other dimension of beauty on top of what the producers have created together. It’s not the world’s longest record, as it comes in at just barely over three minutes, but that three minutes feels like a lifetime as “So High” intoxicates your soul. It’s a dope one and it’s out now as a free download.

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[Hybrid/Trap] I.Y.F.F.E X TYNVN – Hell Hound

Hell Hound

Ready for some headbanging beats? If you are, then I.Y.F.F.E and TYNVN have you covered with their single “Hell Hound.” This bass-booming original was released through our good friends over at Uprise Music.

When Uprise releases a track, you never know exactly what you are in for, you just know you’re getting something dope. “Hell Hound” isn’t just dope, it’s terrifying. It’s in your face, brutish and totally awesome. The sound design is completely bonkers, and the heavy nature of the tune makes it a dance-floor bomb that will leave any venue in ruin. Together, I.Y.F.F.E and TYNVN put on a sonic spectacle that only gets better as it progresses. If you or your friend is a DJ, this is a must have. Luckily, it’s out in full available for purchase through Beatport. Don’t sleep on this one.

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[Future Bass] I.Y.F.F.E – Storm (feat. Desiree Dawson)

Storm (feat. Desiree Dawson)

If you’re looking for a great label that releases exclusively dope records, Uprise Music is one you need on your list. Several days ago, the New York imprint released a single called “Storm” that quickly has become a go-to song in the dojo that us ninjas can’t get enough of. We’re thinking you’re going to join our enthusiasm for it.

“Storm” is an original work by the Brazilian producer I.Y.F.F.E and the vocalist Desiree Dawson. Future bass is a genre that can be stale really easily, but I.Y.F.F.E breathes life into the genre with a straight jam that has incredible emotional phases, and ones with some grooving energy. Desiree’s voice graces an already delectable instrumental that put would put a lot of quality producers to shame. Grab your copy of “Storm” today through the store of your choice by heading to the song’s download page.

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