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[Electronic] Dimond Saints – IDGAF feat. Yaarrohs

Dimond Saints
IDGAF Feat. Yaarrohs

In the near future, Dimond Saints will be releasing their album Prism In The Dark. Although anybody should be pumped that they are releasing an album, the Oakland duo decided to release a single ahead of time to get people jazzed. “IDGAF” is that single, and it will have you at the edge of your seat, 100% ready for Prism In The Dark.

“IDGAF” is a delectable sonic treat. Los Angeles vocalist Yaarrohs provides her voice to the mix. It’s as seductive as it is ghostly. Her voice is laden within a backdrop of bone-chilling soundscapes, and soulful percussive structures. All together the pieces make up a single that has a strong chance at making some noise on the radio. Only catch is the name, but who gives a… well, you know. Dimond Saints have always been producers who aren’t afraid to do something different, or push boundaries, but they’ve outdone even themselves with this one. Stream “IDGAF” today and prepare yourself for the album to come!

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