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Sneaky Inbox Attack: James Dean


Its almost 2010!! We started The Music Ninja in May and thanks to all the wonderful people that have sent us emails and suggestions we have been able to discover wonderful artists.

With that said, there are just TOO many great artists that we have discovered that for some reason or another, have not been featured. I do not want to start 2010 with “song submission debt” and so for the next weeks, I will attempt to clean out my inbox before Jan 1st. This way great songs get some fresh air rather than stay sleeping on our inbox!

Jams Dean is an unsigned rapper from Chicago, IL. He has been rapping since 2003 in various projects and has performed house shows from Florida to Seattle. Jams Dean is the kind of dude that grew up listening to punk rock cassettes and skipping school to go skateboarding. His lyrics reference everything from Shel Silverstein to Olive Garden, to the children’s literature-based television show, Reading Rainbow.

Karen O and the Kids – Igloo (Jams Dean Remix)
Where The Wild Jams Are

’where the wild jams are.mp3′


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