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[Indie Dance] KHAI – Into The Dark

Into The Dark

Coming as the second single off the forthcoming If You EP, “Into The Dark” is yet another stunning indie dance original from the artist KHAI. KHAI is a creator that has insane potential to reach the top of the music world, not just simply the electronic music scene. KHAI’s track “Into The Dark” doesn’t feel synthetic; if anything it’s genuine purity makes it feel as though it is an alive manifestation. When a song invigorates the listener with life, even if it’s a somber record like this one, you know you have something special. KHAI encapsulates indie, R&B, and so much more into one gripping song. Both tracks that have been published off the If You EP so far have been phenomenal, so the rest of the project have some high expectations. “Into The Dark” is currrently available for free.

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