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Louis The Child – It’s Strange (Candyland Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Louis The Child ft. Kay Flay
It's Strange (Candyland Remix)

Candyland is an act that can do anything. Any sound that she sets her mind to, she can attain in jaw-dropping fashion. Today we share with you, for the first time, Candyland’s official remix for Louis The Child of “It’s Strange.” With it comes a soft sounding future production that is one of her most riveting tracks yet. Everything about this flip is tasteful and full of emotion. She matches the deep intrigue of the lyrics with an equally powerful composition that mirrors the tone and mood of what is sang by K. Flay. Candyland absolutely nails the future style, with exceptionally crafted synths and soundscapes that rival even the best tracks out there. Leave it to Candyland to blow your mind every time something is uploaded to Soundcloud. iTunes has the single for sale, so if you need it, head there and get it. Don’t forget that Candyland has her Candy Clvb tour going on soon that is a must see. Check out the dates here and head to a show in your area.

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