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[Chill] IYES – Gone


This new IYES is absolute vibes. As another track off their upcoming Part Two EP, “Gone” shines the spotlight on Josh’s vocals and provides a sneak peek of the second part of their debut project.

The starts off with a downtempo approach, as the male vocals come in with a rather mellow beat. It picks up as Melis’ vocals chime in and provide an instant uplifting atmosphere to the mix. With the use of tropical synths and vocal harmonies, this track takes us on a fun ride immersed in positive atmosphere. A series of bell tones help embellish the tune to completeness. There’s never a dull moment in the mere three and half minutes.

IYES continues to impress with all these cool tracks, as they manage to showcase a different side of their production every time. Make sure to stay tuned as Part Two drops Oct. 13.

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[Indie Pop] IYES – No Wonder

No Wonder

Following “So Crazy”, pop duo IYES released another lovely tune as a sneak peek of their upcoming album Part One. “No Wonder” gives a whole different vibe in comparison to their previous track, largely due to the joyful and uplifting melodies. The vocals are soothing and addictive to the ear. Subtle piano chords and light drums also accentuate the poppy vocals. As a surprise, there is a guitar solo in the middle of the song, followed by a series of bass synth to highlight the outro.

This delightful tune will definitely get you through the mid-week struggle, or make your day that much better. Keep IYES on your radar, you don’t want to miss out on more cool tunes as Part One nears its release.

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[Live] IYES – Simmer

Simmer (live)

To celebrate the still young days of 2015, duo IYES hands off an intimate, stripped down and live demo track entitled ‘Simmer’. After being exposed to their ability to create such rich music with releases ‘Glow‘ & ‘Toys‘ amongst others, it’s exciting to hear a more shadowy side of the pair with this cut. Birthed in their Brighton studio, we find Josh and Melis urging us to be more receptive in the most delicate times of our relationships. It sounds like loyalty. “I will make it work for you. Overcome my fears for you.” This record will help us progress toward being better and stronger partners. Their current single ‘Glow’ is out on the 1st of March, via Love by Mistake/Sony UK. IYES will be performing live @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London next week (tickets available).

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2013 Round #3)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIt’s the holiday season, which usually means we’re melting our credit cards from overuse and finding nothing but fuzz in our emptied pockets. Buying for everyone on your list can definitely get exhausting, so why not take some time to yourself before/during or after braving the world of mass consumerism. You won’t need your wallet and you won’t have a million people in your bubble. Sounds like total bliss…doesn’t it? We think so. So….go ahead, hit play. We’ll take the “showering with gifts” from here..

’Body Language – I’m a Mess’
’Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You’
’Dinosaur Bones – Spins in Circles’
’Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – “They Told Me”‘
’IYES – Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)’
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