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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 305)

Unfortunately we don’t have another long weekend ahead of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Today is Friday and we’re saying goodbye to the week and entering into a time where we recharge our batteries whether through relaxation, partying or a mix of both. Given the fact that you are reading this now, we’d have to venture a guess and say you want to party at least a little bit. To aid you in your endeavor we’ve gathered twelve free downloads, as well as a new track from Notixx that we just had to include despite it now following our free download rules. Other records come from creatives like JEANIE, Statik Link, JACKNIFE, LondonBridge, Matroda, Jace Mek, and many more including a collaboration between PEEKABOO and G-REX. Enough talking though, let’s party!

REX – Babatunde’
’Nonstop (Statik Link Remix)’
’Notixx – Let Me Go’
’Habstrakt – Vibin (JACKNIFE Recut)’
’Matroda x Jace Mek – Kicks’
’LondonBridge – Sex Machine’
’Khalifa Cyrus – I Found’
’Matroda – H8TERS’
’A Boy & A Girl – Burn It To The Ground’
’INF1N1TE – Overrun’
’PIERCE – Death Note’
’Casey Jones x BARE IT – Today’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 304)

It’s a holiday weekend in the states, so we’ve got a whole lot of extra music for you today. As usual, we’ve got twelve free downloads for you to enjoy over the weekend. Some of these tracks come from talents including benny mayne, Birthdayy Partyy, Jace Mek, PARTY THIEVES x GLADEZ, Midnight Kids and many more. On top of these singles, we’ve included mixes from two of our favorite females WHIPPED CREAM and J Worra. All in all, you should have more than enough music to get your party on over the holiday. Enjoy, stay safe!

’benny mayne – devil in a dress’
’Illenium – Chosen You (Birthdayy Partyy Flip)’
’4B – Ice Cold (feat. Megan Lee) (Jace Mek Remix)’
’Kalipzo – I Like Cake Ft. Naz Tokio’
’90 Miles – Back Around’
’Dropshop – Bass Life’
’Badrapper & NXSTY – Catch My Vibe (Ft. ALLDAMNDAY)’
’Doctor P – Tetris (SUB
human Remix)’
’Midnight Kids – Find Our Way feat. klei (Night Drive Edit)’
’Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Ashur Remix)’
’LIONE – Glimmer (tofû remix)’
’J. Worra – Dirtybird Campout West Mix Series’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 280)

Today we’re ready to get the party started right off the bat, no pre-game necessary. We’re jumping right into the fun with some heaters from Jace Mek, Dusty Bits, ATLiens x TYNAN, Crystalize and more, including the debut single from Birthdayy Partyy to kick things off properly. As we do every Friday, we’re delivering a dozen free downloads for you to enjoy while you’re letting loose over the weekend. We’re starting things off hot and it only gets hotter until the last few tracks where we’re looking to ease into the end of the night with some vibey james from a range of talents. Enough of this blabbering though, let’s get the party started, shall we?

’Birthdayy Partyy – Unwrapped (ft. Rico Act)’
’Jacek Mek – Lost’
’Jameston Theives – Ghost (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’Switch Up (Kyral x Banko Flip)’
’ATLiens & TYNAN – Malfunction’
’Martin Garrix – Animals (Crystalize Remix)’
’KLAXX – Stars’
’X&G – Belong (JEANIE Flip)’
’Silva –

’WAVES – Still Dreamin (feat. Angeline)’
’Dooqu – Letting Go (ft. Trove)’
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[House] Habstrakt & Jace Mek – I Wanna

Habstrakt & Jace Mek
I Wanna

Two of house music’s best came together for a major release on Confession. The bass beast Habstrakt and the iconic prodigy Jace Mek came out hot as usual with their collaboration on “I Wanna” that had us excited as could be when we heard it was coming.

“I Wanna” is, plainly stated, groovy AF. Deep, delicious and straight up dank, this collaboration is just the dark Summer track that we’ve been needing. Everyone has been keeping things bright and shiny, but that just won’t fly with these two. They flipped the script and gave us something we can take into the colder seasons to warm us up. A classic rave track in every sense, “I Wanna” is all you could want. Get your copy on digital stores today.

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[House] Jace Mek – Conjunct

Jace Mek

Good Enuff has come back with another Jace Mek tune. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, then you’ve had to come across several Jace Mek tunes as he’s one producer that never disappoints. His streak continues with “Conjunct.”

“Conjunct” is just as dark and weird as the usual Jace Mek but it has a bit of a different mood to it than his usual work. The best way we can describe it is Jace Mek in Summer. It’s clubby, but not in any way that has you thinking Top 40 or David Guetta. Far from it in fact, as Jace manages to take his signature and bring it into a new field that is perfect for this time of year. Don’t be surprised when you hear this being played out by house guys at festivals all over the world. Get your copy today.

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[House] Jace Mek – Hesitate

Jace Mek
Hesitate (Original Mix)

Don’t ever “Hesitate” when Jace Mek releases a new song. Instantly click play and go to wherever you need to get a copy. Luckily, this time around the track happens to be a free download.

“Hesitate” has Jace Mek strike an optimal balance between his weird (but oh so amazing) signature style with commercial accessibility. It’s very much the Jace Mek sound, but it has an even brighter spark than tracks before it. The young producer continues to take steps forward with his talents, showing a maturity with his sound that is beyond his years. Rumor has it you may be able to see him at EDC Las Vegas this year, but you’re just going to have to go to find out if that’s true or not.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 245)

Even though we’re nearing the 250th edition of our Friday Party Playlist, we’re not getting tired of it one bit. I mean, who doesn’t like to end their week with some bangin’ records that can also be downloaded for free? Each week we collect the dojo’s favorite freebies from the past seven days and deliver them to you, so that you may take them with you as you party your heart out over the weekend. For this weekend, we have twelve songs for you from artists like Rob Gasser, Yntendo, Jace Mek, Seek N Destroy and Willy Joy, as well as a hot collaboration between Jayceeoh and Clips x Ahoy. Even though things get heavy near the end, we wanted to leave you off with something to sooth your way into bed, so our friend LARCY closes things out with her single “Zooted.” Enjoy all twelve songs today and make sure when you’re out to #danceirresponsibly.

’JLo – I’m Real ft. Ja Rule (Mozado Remix)’
’Chime & Adam Tell – Whole (Rob Gasser Remix)’
’Yntendo – Chase No Bitch’
’Jace Mek – Indecisive’
’Jayceeoh & Clips X Ahoy – Dancin On My Wrist’
’Seek N Destroy – Burp Machine’
’Chime – Wait For Me’
’Jack Ü & Snails – Holla Out (Pixel Terror Remix)’
’Shape Of You (Willy Joy Remix)’
’Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature – Out Of Love (Egzod Remix)’
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