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[Hip Hop] Archy Marshall – Arise Dear Brother

Archy Mashall
Arise Dear Brother

So remember that suave red-head that busted on the scene as King Krule a bit ago and totally killed it? Well the English based man behind the art, Archy Marshall, has released the EP A New Place 2 Drown recently with his brother Jack, and it is incredible. This album was an instant hit with our team, reminding us of his earlier works with much more finesse and expression than previously. “Arise Dear Brother,” the third track on the album, is the one that really brought us in.

The song starts out with a dreamy guitar riff and some other abstract sounds that beckon us in to the waiting lobby Marshall sets up. Just before you fall into the downward chill spiral, a deep and sharp bass and beat come and slap you to your senses and into a whole new downtempo hip hop world you go. Archy’s vocals tie it all together at this point and what we’ve got is a really, really great new artist. Be sure to give this entire EP a listen. You won’t be disappointed. Excuse us while we go listen to this on repeat.

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