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[House] Jakk’d & $on-$hine – Luven Me

In the rich tapestry of electronic music’s evolution, every so often, an anthem emerges that respects its roots while sharing something new. “Luven Me,” a collaboration between the talented Jakk’d and $on-$hine, embodies this ethos.

$on-$hine, otherwise known as Sonny Vilardo, infuses his electronic productions with nine years of drumming expertise. His productions, often laced with SoCal’s unique brand of funk house, introduce an invigorating rhythmic flavor to “Luven Me.”

Over the last decade, Jakk’d, made up of Vjay Seminiano and Max Dean, have left indelible marks on the electronic music scene. By marrying the genres of house, trap, RnB, and hip-hop, they’ve crafted a signature sound that’s garnered attention from the genre’s elite. Martin Garrix on Sirius Radio, Vindata at the Ultra Music Festival, and the Two Friends Radio show have all shown their support.

This track seamlessly merges house music’s golden age elements with the sharp production values of today. Drenched in warm, romantic tones and enriched by an R&B-laden vocal line, “Luven Me” presents a synergy that speaks to both house purists and today’s electronic enthusiasts. A shining example of where the genre can go when talents unite.

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