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[House] Rich Furniss, Terry Hunter, James Patterson – Release Yourself

Rich Furniss is truly making waves musically, and not just any kind—these are the kind that catch the attention of house listeners upon impact, whether it may be at home or in the club. Since his start, he’s been on a bit of a whirlwind adventure, weaving his early 2000s roots into something that’s catching the ears of listeners everywhere. With a cool million streams across various platforms, and a hefty slice of that pie (750,000 streams, to be exact) on Spotify, it’s clear he’s doing something right.

But Rich isn’t just about locking himself away in the studio. He’s been out there, lighting up dance floors from the buzzing streets of New York all the way down to the sunny vibes of Miami. Across his career, sharing stages with big names like Diplo and Rick Ross, and making appearances at festivals that draw crowds by the thousands, like SXSW and Governors Ball, he’s shown he’s got what it takes to hang with the best.

Aside from bringing his own style to the world, he’s also the guy behind the curtain, running the show at Sound Collective where he’s all about lifting up the next generation of artists.

Focusing on “Release Yourself,”  Rich has partnered up with James Patterson and the legendary Terry Hunter to create something that’s a bit of a nod to house music’s golden days while still pushing forward. It’s got everything: soulful vocals that stick with you, rhythms that pull you in, and melodies that lift you up. It’s like a musical time machine with its sights set on the future. This track marks a beautiful milestone for Rich, streamlining the purity of house music into one moving experience while colliding it with his own signature sound to help it stick. This many hustles on many fronts, but it all comes from a labor of love and this sensibility distinctly surrounds the fruits of his labor.

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