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[Electronic] Moon Boots – Utopia Feat. Janelle Kroll

Moon Boots
Utopia feat. Janelle Kroll

Moon Boots goes a bit tropical with his new single “Utopia” featuring Janelle Kroll. The American act’s zero gravity style takes a melodic route down a soft, radio-friendly path. Moon Boots paints a minimal soundscape that Janelle’s voice takes over for a magnificent musical package. They’re a match made in heaven, which had to be the case given the name of the record. They truly build a musical utopia that listeners can bask in as long as they’d like, all for free too. Despite it’s tropical influences, it’s not some straight up Kygo stuff, Moon Boots creates his own niche sound that is a chill paradise. Moon Boots continues to impress, and look out for the producer to keep it up through the end of the year, and onto the next.

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[Indie] Janelle Kroll – Numb


It’s rare to come across an artist as talented as Janelle Kroll with less than 1,000 SoundCloud followers. If you don’t know the name just yet, we highly suggest you familiarize yourself with her work, as she has just delivered her newest stunning original, “Numb.”

Kroll, who studied theater at Northwestern University, is a budding artist hailing from Chicago who has a voice similar to BANKS or Alanis Morissette, but is distinct in its own right. Armed with a soul and passion that listeners can feel, Kroll catches your attention from the start of “Numb,” and doesn’t let go until the final notes are fading away, demonstrating her immense vocal prowess on her latest original.

On “Numb,” the New York transplant elegantly glides her way through Angelo Lomelo and Rocco Rimpino’s dazzling production with her sultry croons, using her voice as a guide to take listeners through dreamy soundscapes. With a performance at Lollapalooza on the horizon, Janelle Kroll is primed to make 2015 her year, and we couldn’t agree more.

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[Indie/Soul] Janelle Kroll – Sunny Days

Janelle Kroll
Sunny Days

Let’s face it – this is the perfect song to dedicate to the cold weather.

While we know this tune had a more serious message than what was stated above, we couldn’t help ourselves. Jokes aside, if you’re not familiar with budding, young artist Janelle Kroll, now is a great time to get familiar, as she just delivered this enchanting new original, “Sunny Days.”

This up-and-coming singer from New York City has previously proved her talents on tracks with some of dance music’s finest (Dennis Ferrer and Codes) but now she’s adding to her catalog with yet another tune to call her own. On “Sunny Days,” Janelle uses her stunning voice as her paint brush, as she artfully tells a story of being consistently brought down, on a canvas of a chilled-out, downtempo beat with various melodic accents.

Have a listen to the outstanding song, and keep tabs on Janelle as she continues on her rise in music.

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