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Looking Back: Jens Lekman too funny for his own good


Short Description about Jens Martin Lekman:
This guy is hilarious!

Long Description about Jens Martin Lekman:
Jens Martin Lekman, an indie pop musical who hails from Sweden but now resides in Melbourne Australia, delivers heavily sampled guitar-based pop with lyrics that are a compelling mix of wit, romance, and melancholy.

Lekman’s first distribution of music, from 2000 to 2003, was mostly private but started to get some airplay. One of his songs, “Rocky Dennis’ Farewell Son to the Blind Girl”, caused a case of mistaken identity when new fans and even radio stations thought that he was Rocky Dennis. In 2004, he released the album Rocky Dennis in Heaven which put the identity matter to rest.

A lot of his songs rely on comedic storytelling like “Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo” and “You Are The Light”. The lyrics are at times random and ridiculous but he makes it up in charm and poetic wit.

Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo

”Friday Night at the Drive
In Bingo”

You are the Light

”You Are the Light”

Rocky Dennis Farewell Song to the Blind Girl

”Rocky Dennis Farewell Song to the Blind Girl”

The Opposite of Hallelujah

”The Opposite of Hallelujah”


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