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[Bass House] Jimmy Pe – Blip Blop [Music Video]

In Blip Blop, Jimmy Pé’s latest EP, there’s a refreshing vibe that goes beyond the usual electronic music fare. It’s a mix of tech house, bass house, and mid-tempo, but all with a twist that’s all Jimmy. This EP feels laid-back, yet also a sophisticated step in a new direction, taking in different styles and pushing out something that is uniquely his.

On top of this, fans have something special to look forward to with the upcoming music video for the title track, “Blip Blop.” Knowing Jimmy’s flair for creating visually engaging content, this video is expected to be as dynamic and inventive as the track itself.

Kicking off this adventure is, “Big PaPa,” a bit of a departure from the norm. Jimmy Pé adds a personal touch by using his own voice, weaving in elements of his Slovak roots into this one. It’s a neat blend of genres that smash the realms of bass house and mid-tempo together.

As one gets deeper into this experience, the song in the EP brings its own flavor. The title track “Blip Blop” hits you with an energy that’s perfect for the club scene. “Electric” takes a dive into the deeper, more nuanced side of tech house, creating an atmosphere that’s a bit mysterious and totally chilling. And then there’s “Hot For You,” a showcase of Jimmy’s skill in bass house, wrapping up the EP with a sound that’s both powerful and polished.

This EP, Blip Blop, is a collection of tracks that brings you through various twists and turns within the brackets of electronic music, all given a unique spin by Jimmy Pé.

Check out the EP and video below.

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[Techno/Acid] – Jimmy Pé – Tunnel Vision

Ready to get a little weird with Jimmy Pé? The Slovakian dropped his new single “Tunnel Vision” on his home country’s arm of Universal. The acid-inspired techno heater is all gas no brakes for a fun-filled anthem.

“Tunnel Vision” has that timeless rave sound, one that’s a hit whether it was released 20 years ago, 20 years in the future or now. Armed with a memorable vocal sample, gritty bass and a vibrant attitude, Jimmy’s immaculate production feels like it belongs in a movie – perfectly encapsulating the scene of an iconic underground rave. It’s a great tune that deserves some space in your party playlist!

I found the vocal sample and instantly knew what I had to do with them. The whole process of this song took only two days. I love the feeling when you know from the first moment how it’s supposed to sound. It’s just like a tunnel where you see the light and slowly approach it. That’s how I would describe the process of this song.” – Jimmy Pé

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