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Looking Back: Why I have to tell about Dntel

hd-dntelWhen I started to listen to experimental/electronic music there is one artist, amoung many great ones (Animal Collective, The Books, architecture in helsinki) that really caught my attention. His style in many songs sounded very familiar to me but I never quite figured it out what it was until I got to his wikipedia Article. Dntel is a solo project by Jimmy Tamborello, the producer of Postal Service (well known for their song Such great heights). Right away you can tell a difference between Jimmy’s work in Dntel as opposed to other of his projects. A slower tempo, a much more relaxed beat and more mixing glitches and cut-up electronic techniques. I consider Dntel a gateway for other more eccentric sounding experimental music because it exposes you very subtly and beautifully to the world of experimental music. So take a break, sit back and relax to Dntel:

Roll On

”Roll On”

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