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[Electronic] Joe Hertz – Simple feat. JONES (Chris McClenney Remix)

Joe Hertz
Simple Ft. JONES (Chris McClenney Remix)

“Simple” by Joe Hertz just got a makeover by Maryland’s multi-instrumentalist Chris McClenney. He took “Simple” and turned up the groove on it a few levels, giving it the sound it needed for a true Summer remix. And trust us, this one will be getting played through the Summer, likely until the end of the year. It’s just that good.

Chris McClenney gets energetic and sexy with this official remix. It’s lively, with a ton of personality behind it. Just from listening to this flip, you can get any idea of just how musically talented Chris is, bringing art back to music like a true musician would. This has quickly become one of our favorite remixes of the year thanks to its extremely groovy nature and unique sound. We got a copy of it and you should too. iTunes has got you covered if you want it in your library.

I heard the original, and was immediately excited to put my bounce on it. There was this emotional energy in the original and I wanted to flip it a little to make it super groovy and feel-good.
Chris McClenney

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