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[Melodic Bass] JONJEN & Tzunaami – Hate It, Love It (feat. GLNNA)

To truly grasp the heart of the ever-evolving narrative in electronic music, one must attentively immerse themselves in the subtle nuances woven within the works of emerging artists. Here, we encounter the synergy of JONJEN and TZUNAAMI, channeling an unquenchable spirit in their creation “Hate It, Love It (feat. GLNNA)”. This single goes above and beyond what you may understand regarding bass music. Within its structure lie fragments of melodic bass and progressive house, meticulously interwoven to chronicle a tumultuous tale of love’s intricate journey.

JONJEN, a rising talent from New Jersey and now finding creative solace amidst San Francisco’s musical landscape, blends his artistry with shades reminiscent of indie and cinematic soundscapes. He’s been supported by names like Nicky Romero, as well as the label Barong Family, associated with Yellow Claw, which showcases just how far he’s come at this point in his history. Opening for names like William Black and Sabai, while releasing on labels such as Soave & Wave Music, stands as more than mere accolades. They bear witness to his unwavering dedication to his art.

Yet, the collaboration with TZUNAAMI, a duo straddling Bangkok and New York City, adds a dynamic charge. Their sonic fusions have broken through, making waves across platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Soundcloud. The resonance of their skills has garnered recognition on stages such as Proximity and Arctic Empire. While “Hate It, Love It” marks their inaugural formal release, the vibrancy of their artistic history reverberates with mastery and depth.

This release highlights the beauty of collaboration, as each name has seemingly put the best of both their styles into one release – one can hope this won’t be the last time these two work together.

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