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Capsule Club – Juice EP [TMN Premiere]

One dietary thing that is becoming more and more hype is the juice cleanse. Today, we hope you’re ready for such a cleanse, but instead of dealing with fruit, we’re dealing with a new EP from Capsule Club called Juice. In the dojo we’re premiering there EP in full, as well as the chance for you to grab the EP entirely free of charge.

With three tracks these house heads take us on a journey through some underground sounds that are making their way back to the forefront of dance music. Dirty electro in various forms is what makes up Juice, with each track bringing its own flavor to the mix. Together they form one delectable treat that is to be thoroughly enjoyed this Summer season. Enjoy an exclusive first listen and don’t forget to grab the free download before heading out!

’Cold Pressed’
’Fresh Squeezed’
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