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[Pop] Julie Bergan – Turn On The Lights LP

Ever since our ears first heard the luscious voice of Julie Bergan on her breathtaking records, we knew she had something special. Signed to Warner Music Norway, she’s been on a hot streak releasing singles and captivating her home country and the rest of the world. Instead of keeping with singles, she’s gone and released her debut full length album, Turn On The Lights.

The twelve song project features hits such as “Arigato” and “Blackout” that captivated us when they first hit the web. Her fusion of pop with electronic is something that permeates the album and although pop is making the transition to a more EDM friendly sound, Julie soars above the crowd of noise with her magical, dynamic records. It’s not pop for popularity’s sake; it’s amazing music that just happens to fit the bill. Turn On The Lights is stocked full of incredible tunes without any moments of lackluster listening. Hear for yourself below!

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[Pop] Julie Bergan – Incapable

One of our favorite pop stars is back with a brand new single. Julie Bergan has taken over our ears and our hearts many times before with her incredible work. Her latest keeps up her momentum towards the top of the music industry. Her new song may be called “Incapable” but she surely isn’t.

“Incapable” sees Julie slow things down and bring a slightly different vibe than what we’re used to. She always manages to flex her voice, but here its power sticks out more than usual. Its a moving record that will touch the souls of many people like it has us ninjas. Julie’s on a roll and it doesn’t look like she’s stopping anytime soon.

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[Music Video] Julie Bergan – If You Love Me (feat. Tunji Ige)

If there’s one thing you should know we love in the dojo, it would be Julie Bergan. Everyone has a soft spot for good pop music, even if they won’t admit it to themselves, and Julie’s got the best brand of it out there. Time and time again she’s wooed us with great tracks and she’s done it again with her song “If You Love Me” featuring Tunji Ige.

“If You Love Me” just dropped on streaming services and there is a music video for it to get your mouth-watering for the full release. Part of Julie’s appeal is that her music isn’t just the usual lifeless teen garbage that gets slapped in your ear a million times until you kind of sort of like it. From the get go it has depth and a dynamic tone that sets it apart from everything else. The same goes for this new single. It follows a more traditional pop structure than some of her other works, but still remains a pillar standing tall. With the music video, we’re just going to let you dive right in and get the full experience.

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[Pop] Clairmont – Can’t Help Myself (feat. Mugisho & Julie Bergan)

Can't Help Myself (feat. Mugisho & Julie Bergan)

Seriously though, what’s up with Norway? Specifically I’m referring to the artists over at Warner Music. If they took over the US radio stations, we wouldn’t be mad at all. Nothing but gold is coming out of their camp and most recently we got a mega collaboration from some of their key artists.

“Can’t Help Myself” is the song and Clairmont, Mugisho and Julie Bergan are the artists. Together they put together what will certainly be one of our favorite singles of the year. It’s future pop sound is phenomenal. It has the perfect blend from each style, however it focuses on two unforgettable vocal performances. To say “Can’t Help Myself” is catchy would be an understatement. All three artists involved brought their A game and it shows big time. Get your copy through the digital service you prefer today. Even if you don’t buy songs, buy this one.

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Dive Into The Mind Behind Two of Norway’s Biggest Hits, Julie Bergan [TMN Interview]

Julie Bergan is what pop music needs, even if it doesn’t know it yet. From her home in Norway, Julie has been the creative mind behind two of the country’s biggest hits. First came “Arigato” then “Blackout,” both of which share a similar future pop sound that is steadily becoming a go to style for many artists. The only thing is, Julie is doing everything right.

These two songs have went viral on Spotify, and each have their own music video that have seduced fans from all around the world. With multi-million plays each, Julie is turning heads in a big way. She’s making all the moves she needs to pave the way to becoming one of music’s biggest stars.

We sat down recently with Julie to get a sense of where she’s come from and where she’s going. Part of where she’s going is – hopefully – everywhere, as she just unveiled her new live show. It’s already taking Europe by storm and we’d like to see her make her way across the pond. Enjoy the amazing music video for her single “Blackout” before diving into our conversation with one of music’s brightest talents.

TMN: “Arigato” was a huge moment for you in 2016. Tell us a bit about your breakthrough single – did you expect the track to leave as big of a footprint as it did?

JB: I was blown away by the way it was received. The whole track was based on a conversation I had with a friend about her over controlling boyfriend. I think everyone has the right to take their own risks and live life without someone trying to bubble wrap them. Relationships can be a place where this happens the most, so ‘Arigato’ was very much a track about liberating yourself from a safe and controlled environment. To see it stream and gain as much love as it did was really touching.

TMN: “Blackout” marked what seemed to be another very personal single from you. What can you tell us about the inspirations behind the single? Was it at all nerve-wracking to follow-up “Arigato”?

JB: “Blackout” is very much about being stuck in your own head and the mental barriers that appear in life. The idea was having these little “Blackout” moments are the only way to escape and find yourself. The video very much echoed this idea and I was very proud of how the track came out. I tried not to think of it too much as just a ‘follow-up’ to “Arigato.” I want every track to stand on its own feet and speak for me as an artist. The response has been great and I feel very positive about kick-starting 2017 with the single.

TMN: Where do you find the most inspiration from musically?

Real life is definitely one of the biggest influences on my music. Part of the blessing in making music is finding a way to translate human emotions into relatable art or memories. I am lucky because I get to see and be part of the whole process, from the creation of the music to the performance. All of my material to date has been inspired by real situations and feelings and I like to think that people can relate because of that.

TMN: You’ve recently been showcasing the live element of your project. How important was it from the start that your music could be re-produced and performed live?

JB: It has always been very important. I think listening to the records you can get an idea for my energy, but the show is where we can really bring it to life. I have been dancing since I was a child, so to be able to incorporate that to music I have made myself is of course a really fun thing. I am super lucky to have an amazing band behind me and the more we are playing the more people are seeing the fuller picture of what my music is about. I get to be involved in every aspect of it creatively, from the sets to the design, so it is a very personal and important side of the music for me.

TMN: What do you consider to have been the biggest challenge or obstacle to you within your career so far?

JB: The blessing and curse of anything involving creativity is that it’s easy to overthink. You can become obsessed or overprotective of certain aspects of a song or yourself and then when this happens it is hard to get out of your own head or make decisions on what should be the solution. With time I think I have been able to become really comfortable with my style and sound, as well as what I want to stand for as an artist.

TMN: You started 2017 on huge form with ‘Blackout,’ what can we be expecting for the year ahead?

JB: New music!! We are doing a lot of great shows around Europe off the back of “Blackout,” but there is plenty more to come for the rest of the year and I am very excited to show it off soon.

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[Future/Pop] Julie Bergan – Blackout

Julie Bergan

It’s understandable if you haven’t came across Julie Bergan given her location across the pond in Norway. We wish you did already, but if you haven’t, you’re here now. The Warner Music signee is making some big moves lately. For starters, she unveiled her completely live show, as well as released her new single “Blackout.”

“Blackout” is what we have to share with you today. The future pop single is just what radio-listeners are yearning for, along with festival ravers. It’s that perfect mix of underground dance music meets mainstream pop. Julie shows yet again why she is someone to have your eyes and ears on, no matter your location on the globe. Listen for yourself, share it with your friends. They’ll appreciate it. Whether you stream it here or on Spotify, just click that play button.

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[Music Video] Julie Bergan – Arigato

Some of the poppy, future music that’s hitting the mainstream avenues is a bit watered down for my taste. There’s a distinct brand that artists are going for, and so far none of them have hit the nail on the head quite like Julie Bergan. There are numerous reasons why she is nominated for MTV’s Best Norwegian Act, and one of those is “Arigato.”

Not only do we get the song of “Arigato,” but we get a music video as well. The video is visually entertaining, but I think the song is where the real gold is at. Julie is at the center of the song and video, pulling us in with her magnificent performance. She has certainly got a shot at winning the MTV title, after which she can express her thanks by simply stating the title of her record. With this record came some international success, that continues to grow. Here in the dojo, we wish her well and hope she can make her way to the USA real quick!

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