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Justin Bieber – Sorry (PatrickReza Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

PatrickReza's Remixes
Sorry (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)

Some people have been waiting a while for our friend PatrickReza to deliver one of his classic dubstep tracks. Today, we’re happy to premiere a song of such character with his remix of “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. His melodic rendering of the highly popular single is sure to satisfy fans old and new. It’s been a refreshing experience for Patrick himself, who has been dealing out some quality house records for a year now. It just goes to show this cat’s versatility when it comes to songwriting, and he further establishes himself as a strong and unique force in the dance music scene. This is the kind of work that gets heard by the original artist, and gets some love and support, maybe even to the point of a re-release as an official flip. If that ends up happening, don’t be surprised. Besides this being a phenomenal remix, Patrick released it as a free download, which you can grab here.

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Steve James Talks EDM, Justin Bieber and His Original Single [TMN Interview]

Steve James Interview 2
(PC: Elliott Brockelbank)

Having charted at No.1 five times (going on six) on Hype Machine, Stephen Philibin a.k.a Steve James has become one of the fastest-rising stars of the electronic music community. If you google his name, you would probably also find out that the 17-year-old musician is being credited as one of the producers behind Justin Bieber‘s “Purpose”, which is the title track off the Biebs’ new album. That’s a HUGE accomplishment for any 17-year-old kids, let alone somebody like Steve who grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, we’re honored to be able to ask Steve a few questions that our readers are dying to know the answer to. Listen to his first original track “Renaissance” featuring Clairity below, and check out our exclusive interview after the jump.

’Steve James – Renaissance (feat. Clairity)’

TMN: Pleasure to have you here with us Steve.

Thanks for having me, I’m looking forward to this!

TMN: First of all, congrats on the release of your first original track “Renaissance”! Not many 17-year-olds can say they’ve accomplished half of what you’ve done. Can you tell us a little bit about your passion for making music and how it all started?

Thanks on Renaissance – I’m super excited about that track! As for how it all started, I’ve actually always wanted to be a musician. I grew up playing the piano since age 3 or 4, I always enjoyed doing things by ear rather than reading music, and was always a fan of synthetic sounds like what Owl City was making, or the Postal Service. When I was 12, my older brother gave me his old macbook for christmas which had a program called Djay on it which I used to start mixing tracks. As soon as I learned about producer/dj’s, I was sold. I started putting a lot more time into learning how to use ableton than learning how to mix. It was after seeing Avicii (my all time favorite producer/dj) live for the first time that I said to myself, “Alright, that’s how I wanna spend the rest of my life.” I guess that was like, 2012, so I had just turned 14 haha. I was lucky to catch onto that so early, but from there it was just evenings and weekends in ableton trying to make uplifting/positive music.

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[Future House] Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (ELIAS Bootleg)

Justin Bieber
What Do You Mean (ELIAS Bootleg)

Among the thousand Justin Bieber remixes out there, this one definitely caught our attention. Norwegian producer ELIAS has given the Biebs hit a future house rearrangement, and it certainly pleased our ears.

Believe it or not, ELIAS is only 15 years old, yet his producing skills go far beyond his age. A neat house beat and sustained effect are added in to the original track up until the massive drop, which features a series of horn stabs and a melody provided by the lively trumpet synths. The hardhitting bassline brings out the future element of the track, resembling the sound of producers like Oliver Heldens, who actually featured one of his songs “Intruder” on his Heldeep Radio show.

We are thoroughly impressed by this melody-driven tune and will be expecting big things from the young artist in the near future.

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Justin Bieber – All That Matters (LUCA LUSH Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Justin Bieber
All That Matters (LUCA LUSH Remix)

We realize we’re probably starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to LUCA LUSH, but the remixes keep arriving, and they continue to deliver fantastic results. The latest operation under LL’s supervision is Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters,” and this one is yet another doozy. This remix is almost two songs is one, as the first drop is is a gated futuristic affair with booming bass drums and shimmering synths, while the second goes one deeper and dives headfirst into a plunging garage/deep rhythm. There’s no telling where a LUCA LUSH tune is truly capable of going, and his versatility shines through yet again as he rises through the ranks on each and every release. Grab the free download via ToneDen here and enjoy!

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